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Written by Hannah Reid   
Thursday, 28 December 2017 04:40

Hot off the heels of their third album release ‘Bad Blood Rising’ coming out, Santa Cruz took to the towns and cities of the UK in order to bring a new and exciting performance of music, with brilliant opening bands announced for this show it was definitely going to be something that no one wanted to miss. And with a very cold day in Glasgow, people were ready to warm up by jumping around to some good music.


Manifold, a local Glasgow band describe themselves as a rock band with a glam edge – and that’s something that came through when watching them. There was certainly a sense of nostalgic rock going on about their music and appearance, and that made them very entertaining to watch and get into. They knew how to get a crowd going and warmed up for the bands to follow, and made sure that people were having fun and enjoying their set.


Skarlett Riot 9


Skarlett Riot were the main support for the whole tour and also next to the stage. They have also not long released a new record, and with this brought a whole lot of excitement for what they would bring to the stage. It was the first time playing a few of their new songs so there was definitely a buzz through their fans that were in the room to finally get to hear them live. Skarlett Riot are always a pleasure to watch and know how to put on a good show for everyone in the room, interacting with the crowd at the barrier, and making sure their set begins and ends with a bang.


Finally, Santa Cruz took the stage – a four piece Finnish glam metal band who formed over ten years ago. They started off with a bang and made sure that everyone in the crowd came forward so that they were closer and included in the set they were going to produce. A fast paced and exciting setlist had everyone moving along, jumping and dancing through the whole thing. The band combined songs from across their discography, making sure that everyone got a taste of something they would like to keep everyone entertained. The guitarists and bassist also had brilliant stage presence as they moved around the stage, never staying still for too long but dancing and jumping along to their own music.


Santa Cruz 9


One of the things I love when I see a band is when they interact with people and make funny faces and poses to make people smile or pose for photos, and this was a band that delivered on that front too. They combined everything together which I think makes a brilliant gig and show, making sure everything was perfect for the fans that came to see them.


All the bands that played tonight put on brilliant shows, showing off each of their talents and music, and getting everyone involved at all times, and making sure everyone had fun at the show.



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