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Written by Elizabeth and Allan Maxwell   
Thursday, 21 December 2017 04:20

When a band has been around for 17 years, and have played thousands of shows they have got to find a way of keeping those shows relevant and fun. Not only for the fans but for themselves also. Tonight Silverstein had this job to do and boy they did not disappoint.


Hail The Sun (1 of 2)


Tonight the show took place in Glasgow's G2. Up first is Edinburgh band House of Hatchets. With a set consisting of six songs they do a good job at starting to thaw out the audience. These guys have an honest and raw sound and their debut single, ‘Sleep’, with its really catchy chorus, is a good introduction to this band, if you haven't heard them before. The guys have great chemistry on stage and finished the set with the first live performance of 'Open Ocean', a track from their first LP, due out in 2018. I expect good things will come from this band and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.


House Of Hatchets (1 of 1)


Now, with the venue starting to fill up, post hardcore band Hail The Sun take to the stage. This is their first ever gig in Glasgow and they immediately make an impression when they step on stage. Donovan Melero’s ability to combine both lead vocals and drumming is amazing, and he does this so well: but, when Alex Casilles takes over on drums and leaves Melero to concentrate on vocal,s this is to me when they are at their best. Casilles is an outstanding drummer. The energy this band projects is infectious. They have a raw but polished sound and set the bar high for the main act to follow.


Could Silverstein match the energy of the younger support acts?


Silverstein (2 of 4)


The answer is – yes, they can. With powerful set opener ‘Massachusetts’ from 2013 album ‘This Is How The Wind Shifts’, Silverstein left no doubt that the answer is yes. Frontman Shane Tolds’s energy and presence washes over the crowd and they are like putty in his hands. Asked to take a step forward towards the stage, the audience did not need to be asked twice. Told has an impressive vocal range and might be the frontman, but this is a band that still feels very much together and it is clear to see the enjoyment they still get after all these years.


A diverse set of old and new tracks from right across their career matched the mixed crowd that was out tonight. Playing singles from their new album like 'Lost Positives', 'Whiplash' and my personal favourite 'Retrograde' Silverstein showcase their talent for powerful riffs and anthemic choruses flawlessly.


Told has a talent for making you feel what he is singing about and its clear to see and feel the connection he has with the audience.




They close the set with ‘My Heroine’ to which the crowd gave their all. The show was a good all round history to the band’s sound over the years. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this band play live to do so. When the final notes of the evening ring out, the band stay on stage for a number of minutes to show their appreciation to their fans by giving out high fives, and handshakes to everyone. Everyone, whether an old or new fan left satisfied after an awesome night of music with three great bands for the minimal price of the ticket. Well worth braving a freezing winters night in Glasgow for!


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