The Vibrators/Autonomes/Ray Jones and the Bunnerettes - Swansea, The Garage - 28th December 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 09 January 2015 04:00


Post-Christmas gigs always a bit of a lottery with regards to who and how many will turn up: well, the Garage has a 3am curfew so this might be a late one. Local old school mob the Venom were billed and later retracted which was a shame but there is always next time I believe?


Anyway, those who did turn up were the weird and wonderful and being just that Ray Jones and the Bunnerettes knock out a very brief set (thankfully some might say) where Ray does his routine to a backing track (when it works) but again it's still Christmas so nobody gives too much of a damn and gets into the spirit of the evening.


Next up is original Swansea teen punks The Autonomes (well not teens anymore, obviously). Decked out in some fine military tunics it was straight down to business as 'Chaos' opened proceedings and with a decent sound there were no cobwebs to be shaken off as the songs came thick and fast. 'Doomsday', 'Justice', 'Who's Going Up The Water Tower' all sounded fantastic and in many respects it is as relevant today as it was back around the turn of the '80s. There was even time for some drama as the guitar amp decided to light up and start smoking which was perfect timing - maybe it was to do with the stormtrooper that had just blasted through it. The all too brief set was brought to a close with the call to arms and namesake 'Autonomes' and then it was done. The audience lapped it up and it was job done; Autonomes had delivered a nostalgic and thoroughly enjoyable set and let's hope this isn't the last time people get to see and hear these tunes.




A Knoxless Vibrators tonight also have Chema from Short Bus Window Lickers standing in on bass duties at very short notice (not that you could tell by the way he played) to accompany Eddie and Darrell in this three piece line-up who were about to entertain us through the witching hour.


There was time to play something old, new, borrowed and perhaps a little blue even as Eddie and Mr. Bath shared vocal duties tonight The Vibrators were a tight unit and rocked the socks off the very appreciative audience.


Off the new album Darrell sang a superb rendition of 'Rats' and I might have alluded to the fact elsewhere that no matter who or what Mr. Bath is playing he makes that old six string sound like a flock of angels (if there were such a thing) from his Dogs Days through his Crybabys, Sabre Jet and Diamond Dogs or his Subs days to this Vibrators line up it's worth the admission price all on its own.


The most recent album was/is a belter and it's great to hear the band play songs from it tonight and, as much as it's great to hear the old classics, I always love hearing a couple of new ones at least. You might as well list the best of the best of's for most of the set as the likes of 'London Girls', 'Baby Baby', 'Whips And Furs' and 'Troops Of Tomorrow' get played with a freshness that Bath's playing gives them and it's really hammered home on 'Amphetamine Blues' that has the dance floor bouncing as does 'Judy Says (Knock You In The Head Tonight)' and of course it wouldn't be a Vibrators gig without 'Automatic Lover'. I can't imagine anyone leaving tonight even slightly disappointed with the quality of music served up the only ones disappointed are the ones who couldn't make it.


Always a pleasure and certainly never a chore that was some Merry fuckin' Christmas!