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Written by Hannah Reid   
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 04:20

Frank Iero and The Patience were back in Glasgow, and the crowd was ready to see them once again. Last time they were here they were under the name Frank Iero and the Celebration, but there were a lot of familiar faces back to see them perform again. Bringing along old buddies The Homeless Gospel Choir, who were present on their last tour as well, there was a lot of nostalgia going about the room.


Homeless Gospel Choir 3


The Homeless Gospel Choir were the first to open up the show tonight a one man guitar playing punk from Pittsburgh who writes protest songs and make sure that everyone knows it. This was a set that had you singing and swinging along, and had you involved entirely throughout as he made sure to get everyone moving along with the music. He was on stage with just his guitar and the atmosphere was contagious with everyone in the room as he worked his way through his two albums and mixed songs from them both. The stage presence that he had was amazing, considering it was just himself on the stage, but he knew how to make the room feel intimate and close as though it was everyone’s own personal show.


Next up to the stage were Dave Hause and The Mermaid, a five piece rock band from Philadelphia, and they knew how to keep the energy up and then going at every possible chance. It didn’t take long for the lead singer, Dave Hause, to be down on the barrier and getting involved with the crowd and making sure that everyone was having fun. They were fun and energetic the whole way through, mixing it up a little so that during one song keyboardist Bo Koster took to centre stage to play a little. It was fresh and lively, bringing new elements the whole way through.


Frank Iero 7


Frank Iero and The Patience were the band everyone was excited to see and the room erupted once again as they began to take the stage. The energy and mood from the minute they were on stage was electric with everyone feeding off of each other’s energy as they began to play. It didn’t take long for the crowd surfing to begin and people were more or less launching themselves over the barrier to try and get close to the stage. The combined songs from both their albums so that everyone could get a taste of what they’ve accomplished through their time together, the crowd giving them the motivation to give it them all and constantly be smiling towards the crowd.


It was exactly one year after a horrific traffic accident that Frank Iero and The Patience were involved in, and to commemorate that they were collecting donations, with profits and money from that night were going towards the hospital that helped them after the crash.


This was a really entertaining gig and throughout it all the bands made sure that everyone was involved at all times and made sure they were also having fun - you could feel the love in the room as well. All the bands were highly enjoyable and definitely a set of bands that I would recommend anyone to see.


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