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Written by Sheila Hamilton   
Saturday, 11 November 2017 04:40

Tonight’s gig was an early start, the doors opened at 6pm and Sinistro, who hail from Lisbon, Portugal, took to the stage at 6.30pm. The venue was not that full however it soon started to get busy during their set. Down the front there were numerous fans all eager for them to start off the night.




They open with ‘Partida’, a track taken from their current album ‘Semente’. They fill the venue with sonorous bass, drums and guitar that are antithetical to the quiet vocals from singer Patrícia Andrade, and overpower the singer at times. They follow on with ‘Reliquia’ that is taken from the same album. While the guys head bang whilst playing their instruments, Patrícia dances with slow mechanical tremulous moves!


Patrícia announces that they are going to play a new track, ‘Abismo’, that will feature on their new album 'Sangue Cássia'' that is due out in January. This is well received by their fans in the crowd, and it also attracts a fair few wolf whistles from some of the males in the crowd while she looks down and stretches the neck of her top before pulling it over her face. They round their short set off with ’Cidade (Parte 2)’, and, by this point, the venue is well over half full and they have attracted the attention of most of the crowd.


Next up are Arkansas doom merchants, Pallbearer, who, despite seemingly having a few technical issues during their set, take it all in their stride and win the crowd over with ease.


They start with ‘Worlds Apart’, which comes from their second full-length album ‘Foundations of Burden’ and then play ‘Thorns’ from their current album ’Heartless’. Next up is ‘Fear and Fury’, a single from two years ago. They chat with the crowd between the songs and say they always have the best time playing in UK.


They dominate the stage with an energetic performance filled with urbane vigorous beats & riffs entwined with melodious doom laden vocals. They finish of their performance with ‘Dancing in Madness’ from their current album & ‘Foreigner Sorrow and Extinction’ from their debut full length album.


When Paradise Lost take to the stage, the venue is packed full and anticipation is running rampant around the room.


Paradise Lost


They kick off their set with ’From the Gallows’, the first of four tracks that they will play that all come from their current album, ‘Medusa’. This plays fantastic live. hen they flow into ‘Tragic Idol’ and crowd favourite ‘One Second’. Another new song, ‘Gods of Ancient’, again plays great live before they head back to ‘Enchantment’ from ‘Draconian Times’ album.


At the start of ‘Blood and Chaos’, Nick offers to jump in or chuck a monitor into the mosh pit, if we can get a great pit going, the challenge was accepted! After this Nick says the monitor was too expensive to throw in the pit, however if we could resist not having a pit going for the next song he would do it. He then announces ‘Beneath Broken Earth’ is up next and this is well received by the crowd; however; the next song is actually ‘As I Die’, which is one of the long time fan favourite songs and there was definitely a pit going on, the same goes for ‘Beneath Broken Earth’, which was played next, before they bring the first part of their superb set to a close with ‘Embers Fire’.


After leaving the stage for five or so minutes they come back on for a three-song encore, that starts off with ‘No Hope in Sight’, before they play ‘The Longest Winter’ the final new track from their latest album ‘Medusa’, which sounds fantastic. They then close with bouncy ‘Say Just Words’.


I’ve seen Paradise Lost numerous times and I have always enjoyed their albums and live sets, and tonight is no exception to this. The new tracks for me work brilliantly live and fit in nicely with the rest of their set list. There is the usual crowd reaction: folk head banging, jumping about and singing along to the older and most played songs, while the new songs see the crowd grow quieter and listen. I am looking forward to seeing them play again next year.


Paradise Lost play a series of dates across the UK and Ireland in February:


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