Tigertailz/SPiT LiKE THiS - London, Borderline - 10th October 2009 Print
Written by David Whistance and Johnny H   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 19:07

Tailz549Leading up to this show I have to admit that I was always thinking, that the trio of bands advertised on the line up was a fantastic value for glam package if ever there was one, and given that The Cult and Papa Roach were also in town the same time it needed to be.  But as we made our way to the 'Sold Out' Borderline (yup that's every ticket gone in spite of this battle of the hard rocking bands situation) news was reaching us that openers The High Society had pulled out due to internal band wranglings that could mean they are also no more, which is a damn shame whichever way you look at it.


So, with Uber Rock's man of the moment David Whistance stuck at his hotel due to a room mix up, it was with open arms that I sidled up to the stage to once again witness the UK's premier sleaze shock rock band namely SPiT LiKE ThiS.SLT_V_and_Z2


Really, I mean what can I say that I haven't said before here about SPiT LiKE THiS, this band are always unpredictable, always play like their lives depend on it, and deliver a fine set of tunes that can be best summed up in the set's highlight (well for me anyway) the rambunctious 'Sex, Drugs And Heavy Metal' which also rather oddly heralded the arrival of said missing Uber reviewer. So as the Paul Stanley of Uber Rock, it was time to turn the interview biro over to David Whistance, and boy did Tigertailz shock us!


When 'Bezerk' arrived nearly two decades ago in a huge explosion of glitter and hairspray, it fulfilled every glam fan's appetite. Everything about the album was monumental, from the fantastic cover art to the lavish gatefold sleeve, the music meanwhile was crammed full with hook-laden guitars and massive killer choruses, complete with a huge production courtesy of the legendary Chris Tsangarides. No other band at the time was working at the level of extravagance that Tigertailz were portraying.  And if the band had been from Los Angeles and not South Wales then they would have been headlining Wembley Arena and not a sold out St David's Hall Cardiff on the strength of this album (A mean feat in itself for a South Wales Glam Metal band in 1990).

Tailz_Kim3Tigertailz for me were always a far better prospect than 99% of other scene bands especially those from the US, who were far more style over substance, I mean, Pretty Boy Floyd anybody?


Back to the here and now, and on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the seminal 'Bezerk' album, the familiar intro emanated from the PA we were suddenly transported back to a time twenty years previous. If only I could still squeeze into those leather trousers, which I had to leave back at the hotel.


The crowd went wild as the Tailz tore through the fantastically titled opening number 'Sicksex'. It felt so strange to hear the next song so early in the set, but if I had to pick one song to define everything that was great about the glam I love then it would have to be the bubblegum brilliance of 'Love Bomb Baby' featuring a chorus more infectious than a back street hooker from Butetown.


As the galloping bass line of  'I Can Fight Dirty Too' kicked in, it had to be noted what an exceptional job Nailz is doing filling in for the sadly departed Pepsi Tate, they are some pretty big (platform) boots to fill, but he does it admirably. I still can't believe that it's really City Kidz' Kerry Wild up there along with his former band mate Matt Blakout who, not only provide a watertight rhythm section, but fit into the Tigertailz family perfectly and are now welcomed by the loyal fans like old friends...and rightly so.


'Heaven' a song originally penned as a tribute to former drummer Ace Finchum's daughter who sadly lost her life prematurely, was also tonight dedicated to Pepsi Tate and lost friends providing a poignant moment to the evening, and one many saw as real moment of musical reflection.


The fans eager for the next song, knowing the album listing off by heart (which cannot be said of Kim Hooker who jokingly has to keep referring to the set list) were always going to belt out every word to old favourite 'Love Overload' and tonight certainly wasn't an exception to that rule.


Tailz_J_and_NThe band was obviously enjoying being up on stage as much as the fans were to see them up there. This was clearly evident on the face of guitarist Jay Pepper who throughout the evening, looked like the cat that got the cream, and had then also ransacked his way through the trash, ravaging everything in his path before getting down and dirty with the local felines (I know there is a pussy gag in there somewhere but I simply can't bring myself to do it..OK?).


'Twist And Shake' was up next, a song the band were not accustomed to playing live, maybe because Kim Hooker jokingly describes it as being a bit shit, and which he conveniently cannot remember writing, luckily everyone else thought differently as they sang along to every word in jubilation.


Jay Pepper took centre stage for the guitar solo that featured in the 'Bezerk' live video along with Robocop samples; fans, musicians and journos alike looked on in awe at it's majesty, whereas his band mates looked on in hysterics.


The evening ended with my personal favourite from the 'Bezerk' album 'Call Of The Wild' complete with gung ho chorus, causing a mass sing along.


The band returned quickly to the stage (thanks to a club night curfew) for a sprint through Kim's first recording with the band, 'Livin' Without You', 'Shoot to Kill' and 'Murderess' before storming versions of Megadeth's 'Peace Sells'...and Metallica's 'Creeping Death'. It was left to the fans to choose the final number, and thankfully they decided on the title track to the lost treasure 'Wazbones' that ended a near as damn it perfect night of glam, right here in 2009.


If I were to sum it all up in one word, then to quote the mighty Jay Pepper himself, "Tidy".