Masters Of Reality/We Fell To Earth – London, Relentless Garage - 9th October 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 18:31

Chris_1Things were looking pretty ominous leading us to this show, I'd just seen Jesus on Oxford Street (well actor Joseph Mawle anyway), been drenched en route in some biblical proportion rainstorm and now people are talking in the queue outside the Garage like we are about to witness a second coming.  I mean when grown men are drawing parallels to the last time Masters of Reality played in the UK with the birth of their firstborn sons, you've got to raise an eyebrow right?


But this observation in its purest and simplest form is also what makes Masters of Reality such a very special band, and why their first UK show in around eight years drew people from all parts of the United Kingdom and much further a field, ready to pay tribute to a truly seminal act.


So, as the venue (which is very nicely refurbished, by the way) started to fill up it was left to former UNKLE man Richard File and QOSTA collaborator Wendy Rae's newish band to get things moving.  Thankfully, with the musical open-mindedness of the Masters of Reality crowd, the stark yet claustrophobic sounds that started to unfold weren't met with the abject horror of my previous night's support band encounter, and We Fell To Earth enjoyed a pretty cool response for what can hardly be described as an easy listening set of tunes.  Equal parts punk/prog and electro I got to thinking I should check out more We Fell To Earth and I would urge you do so also.


With the usual club night beckoning, and the band's crews working like pack dogs Chris Goss and his touring band of minstrels sauntered onto the stage at around 8pm promising over two hours of 'Psycho Attack' music.  The ambience of the moment slipped into the assured throb of 'Absinthe, Jim and Me' and I watched amazed as the by now filled to bursting throng partook in the best show of synchronised headbanging I'd seen since Beavis and Butthead were last on our screens especially when the songs epic mid section riff expanded before our very eyes.




We were only a few songs in and the effortless delivery of 'Deep In The Hole' had me thinking that the guys in the queue really were onto something, I mean I'm a fan, but this Masters of Reality live experience was altogether something a little bit more.... umm other worldly.


New tracks like 'King Richard TLH' and 'Dreamtime Stomp' sat perfectly alongside older tracks like 'Rabbit One' and 'Third Man On The Moon' in what proved to be a fantastic night of real rock music.


And when Chris Goss donned a Telecaster guitar you could honestly close your eyes and hear primetime Jimmy Page emanating through every corner of your musical psyche, so you'll forgive me if I go all schoolboy hero and admit to throwing my horns up way high in appreciation.


Just as the band dispatched a ferocious stompalong version of 'John Brown' we were suddenly told that was it, and due to the impending club night the set was going to have be cut short.  Like hell it was going to be too, not when you've got a fair few hundred rabid fans screaming for more.  So, it was with a "fuck the disc spinner" that the band returned for a boogie down version of 'She Got Me' and then finally it really was all over.


As we made our way out into the cool London night air, it was now obvious to this reviewer at least that Masters of Reality are not in fact the second coming, they are simply a fantastic musical revelation.