Akercocke – Sheffield, The Corporation - 14 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Bona Bonmeister and Geno D   
Saturday, 21 October 2017 05:00

So, it’s another Saturday in the Corporation (we don't live here, honestly!)…


Akercocke Inner Sanctum photo


So first up is Chesterfield thrash/death outfit Forgotten Remains, who are in very good form. Previously we had seen them in their Metal 2 The Masses heat. They have tightened up since then, and we understand why they got picked to open the show. Outstanding tracks are ‘Beneath The Blood Stained Sky’ and ‘Blood Of The Innocent’. These guys are definitely headed for bigger things in the future.


While the crowd was getting beverages, the stage was being set for the Welsh (apart from local boy Joe Stamps on vox) black/death metallers Hecate Enthroned. Now, while these guys have been going since 1993, and have seen various line-ups, tonight's version is extremely tight and well-rehearsed. Joe's vocals add a new dimension, and the crowd seem to approve. While the set is made up of tracks from the previous five albums they did give the crowd a taster with one new track from the currently in production new album.


Finally, the stage is ready for Akercocke, who are on ‘The Inner Sanctum 2017’ tour. While the feeling is this is a more mainstreamed adventure for the band, with latest release ‘Renaissance In Extremis’ being the main focus, and more clean vocals are used. It doesn't deter from the fact that Akercocke will experiment. The new tracks sit very comfortable with the older, extreme side, and so the pairing is good and the crowd seem to be enjoying themselves.


Stand out track was ‘Horns of Baphomet’.


All in all, it was a very black and doomy night for the fans, who did not leave disappointed.


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