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Written by Martin Haslam   
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 04:20

If you love The Jim Jones Revue/Righteous Mind, then Henri Herbert will need no introduction. And, you will love his band, The Fury. ‘Cause the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, and why would it? He knows the roots of rock ‘n’ roll backwards and is the most stunning pianist I’ve witnessed live.


Henri Herbert flyer


Both the Revue and the Righteous Mind played to packed houses upstairs previously, so it is disappointing to find Henri and his band downstairs on the Holy Molys smaller stage, playing to a sparse crowd of 30 or so dedicated rockers.


Black Devil Byrds, the new project of Long John Laundy, are supporting tonight, with their new album, ‘Dead And In Prison’, available. They play a fine set of gravelly, dirty blues, with more than a nod to the Urban Voodoo Machine. A good start to the evening.


Sometimes, it’s reassuring to know what you’re going to get, and Henri Herbert And The Fury do not disappoint. They play as if it’s a full house, full throttle from the off. Henri stands behind his keyboard for the whole set, legs akimbo, his left hand a rock-solid revelation. Just keys, vocals, bass and drums, but his almighty sound and rhythm don’t make you yearn for a guitar.


The rhythm section are phenomenal; tight but fluid and absolutely relentless. I didn’t check the set list, I just let the music flow through me. With their live album just due for release, I’m guessing the set is similar. ‘It Ain’t Right’, ‘Pocket Venus’, ‘Bad Blood’ - take your pick; there is no filler here tonight.


Henri Herbert album flyer


The set ends with a dazzling version of Hendrix’s ‘Fire’, before Henri returns, solo, sitting momentarily for a more reflective tune, before the band return and practically shake the foundations with their wall of boogie noise.


Everyone I spoke to tonight was in awe of the performance, and irritated on the band’s behalf that more punters didn’t prioritise this gig. Don’t make the same mistake; if they play near you, put it in your diary and strap on your boogie shoes.


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