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Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 07 October 2017 04:20

If you had heard the singing and shouts coming from downstairs before the doors had even opened then you would have known straight away that this crowd was going to be an interesting one – and one that was full of life.


First up to the stage and opening the show were The Bottom Line, a four piece pop punk band from London, and straight from the beginning it was clear that they knew how to get the crowd going and keep them entertained the whole way through. They played a five song setlist, each song bringing more to the stage, and it was their rendition of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ that drew the crowd in very fast and had them screaming along to every word. The lead singer, Max, at one point found himself jumping into the crowd for a mini crowd surfing moment as he sung, smiling all round. Everyone was involved and even more smiling was happening as they played, and you could tell that this was a band that knew how to entertain its crowd and leave them wanting more.


The Bottom Line

Next to the stage were Chapel, a two piece band, the lead singer rocking a very nice Hawaiian shirt which captured the attention of the crowd straight away as he came onto the stage. I don’t think there were many people that expected what they produced but everyone was entertained and pleasantly surprised, and jumping along to all the songs. The whole set was full of life and energy, a hundred percent being given by the two of them and they made sure that everyone was involved. No one was ever left standing at the side feeling left out, and when the lead singer didn’t find himself singing or playing his guitar, he was using the stage as much as he could – never stopping moving from dancing across it. It’s one of the few sets I’ve seen where I don’t think the crowd stopped jumping the whole time the band were on stage and singing.


It didn’t take much to get the crowd going for this band – even a stage hand bringing on one of their yellow snare drums had a few screams happening as the excitement was clearly too much for them to contain – cue some burst eardrums. But you could already feel the love going about the room for this band before they even stepped out onto the stage.



Waterparks wasted no time in breaking into song and the crowd certainly didn’t waste any time in jumping and singing along to every word. After their second song lead singer, Awsten, found himself asking “who saw us when we were here with All Time Low?”, and I’m pretty sure every hand in the crowd went up – mine included. On their third song, Awsten was in charge of stage clean up, picking up two flags that fans had thrown to him, and he displayed them over the amps on the stage.


Everyone was involved at all times – even mums at the back of the room were nodding and bobbing along with smiles on their faces. Including as many songs as they could in the time frame made everyone seem a lot more into it, the crowds feet never really on the ground for more than five seconds. Waterparks knew how to entertain – and because of this delivered a stand out show.


The whole show contained bands that you definitely have to see at some point because of the killer sets they managed to produce, and the way when you left the show with wanting to immediately go back in and do it all over again.


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