The Godfathers/The Lone Sharks - Bristol, The Thunderbolt - 30th October 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 03:00

After really enjoying The Godfathers last time round at the Thunderbolt, I was really looking forward to a bit of déjà vu, because when this show was advertised, as a warm up to The Godfathers’ London Lexington show, I thought it would have just been plain rude not to go.


Godfathers final


But wait, this really isn’t the same band that I saw just a few months back, because this is a now expanded Godfathers line up, one that includes guitarist Mauro Venegas, latterly of Jonny Cola And The A-Grades, and if you’re not sure of the name get on the Glunk Records website order their ‘Blow Up’ white vinyl single and pin your ears back. Plus add to that Tim James and Steve Crittall on guitar and drums respectively and you now have a band kick-starting a new chapter, pushing forward, not living on past glories and in the process dragging in a new generation of fans, Uber Rock’s very own Jason Palmer for one. I mean let’s put this in perspective, The Godfathers’ back catalogue is pretty stunning stuff, the last LP was pretty stunning but give it all a kick up the backside with a band ready to rock and I have to ask “what more could you want?”


Godfathers PosterThis gig was another one a la my recent encounter with Honest John Plain with 3 bands advertised, but we had a no show from the Fizzies, an all girl pop punk band starting to raise some interest around the Bristol area. As a result we dive straight in with The Lone Sharks, and fair play the guys once again delivered a blinding set, even with one guitarist down due to the dreaded man flu. Last year when I first witness The Sharks live I loved the mix up of vocalists with each member singing their own songs and this time round my initial opinions were definitely further enforced. We had a set heavy with tracks from the band’s ‘Supply And Demand’ LP, but we also got a nod to The Milk Monitors with tracks slipped in from bassist Marc’s previous band. In conversation with Marc later there were a few gigs talked about that he had played in the Legendary TJ’s in Newport, including a Milk Monitors’ set supporting Snuff and NoMeansNo, anyone there? We also get to chat about a problem facing many bands nowadays where they are struggling to find venues to put them on, Wales in particular, so to any promoters reading this “bring these guys over the bridge”, you won’t be disappointed. Back to the band’s set tonight and stand-outs were many, but ‘I Don’t Know Her Name’, ‘Truth Tells Lies’ and ‘Hansel And Gretel’ all kicked some serious ass. We also had a raise your glass moment to John Peel, it being ten years to the month since the death of the great man, a fitting tribute seeing both The Milk Monitors, and The Godfathers initial incarnation, The Sid Presley Experience had both delivered Peel sessions, go check them out, do a bit of digging, I guarantee you’ll enjoy both.


God 1So without further ado we’re into The Godfathers and straight away I begin to remember how big a deal this band are!! The impact they’ve had on some of the hardcore present tonight is immeasurable and some of the stories shared tonight with yours truly about the band’s history really make you look at them in a new light. First thoughts out of the way though and how are the new boys doing? F#ck! Mauro epitomizes the image of current glunk R&R how is it possible to look that good and still play? This is really high-energy stuff, but the sound does seem to be struggling intermittently, with Peter Coyne’s vocal way down in the mix from where it should be. Kicking off with ‘I Want Everything’ before we’re being kicked in the teeth with “Cause I Said So’. There’s just enough time to draw a quick breath before ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘Strange About Today’, and suddenly I’m wondering how many classic R&R tracks is it possible for one band to have in their repertoire? Then just when I think I know the answer I’m floored by one of the stand-outs of the night a blistering ‘I Can’t Sleep Tonight’. This set literally flew by and before I knew it I was into the rockabilly vibe of ‘Walking, Talking Johnny Cash Blues’. I know this might sound impossible but from here on things just kept getting better and better until we hit the climax of ‘She Gives Me Love’, probably THE anthem of the night for yours truly especially when its followed by ‘This Is War’.


Encore time and we had a sonic blast of Lonely Man’ and the classic ‘Birth, School, Work, Death’ complete with the essential audience call and response.


When asked recently what makes a great Rock 'n' Roll band, The Godfathers replied as follows; “Songs from the heart that can take on the world and move people, with electrifying live shows that leave crowds always wanting more. A sense of musical individuality and personal style that sets them apart from all the other bands out there. A passionate belief in the roots & traditions of rock & roll music combined with a burning desire to make contemporary records that will stand alongside the best. Intensity & rage, with power, melody, attitude, anthems. The Godfathers have all these attributes in spades.”


‘Nuff said, as I just couldn’t have put it better myself, now with all five members strapped in for a new album to be released in 2015 the future has never looked brighter for The Godfathers.


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