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Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 30 September 2017 04:40

Hot on the heels of their newest single release, MassMatiks took to touring once again round the UK to bring their unique style of music to crowds and fans everywhere – and we were all ready.


Massmatiks 1

Finding Argyle are a local five-piece Glasgow band who take their influences from pop-punk, post hardcore and other alt genres, and it was their job that night to open up the show. Their catchy music had everyone nodding along and they were a good choice for opening a show that everyone not only had high hopes for, but knew it was going to be a good one.


Banshee, another local band, this time from Greenock, followed up and kept the ball rolling. Formed in 2011 they had a few gigs under their belt so knew exactly what to do to keep the crowd entertained. Erin’s range was something that was new and different from the bands that played that night and brought a new layer to the show, something you couldn’t help but dance along to. They set the bar high for the other bands still to come.


Youth Kills It

Next up were Youth Killed It, a five piece indie-punk band from London. Having not so long ago released their debut album they had a lot of material to go through – and something that everybody could sing and dance along to. Their catchy and upbeat music caught everyone’s attention and they definitely knew how to put on a show. Mixing a little bit of acoustic guitar into their songs made sure to keep the crowd on their toes and guessing, but it’s safe to say that everyone was very impressed with what they got and left wanting to look up a new band.


Finally, the band that everyone had been waiting for, MassMatiks. Bringing in all the songs they’ve worked on and released to date made sure that everyone got a taste of something they liked. The band are full of energy and always make sure that everyone in the audience is having fun and participating – getting them to sing and jump along at every opportunity.


Massmatkis 2

Playing 'Phone Call', a song that only really gets played at their headline shows, saw lead singer George take a mic stand into the crowd to make everything more intimate as the tone lowered and got softer, the music coming through full of love and passion and captivating everyone in the room.


This is a band that definitely knows how to put on a show and make sure that everyone is having a good time. They’re such a genuine band as well and such a bunch of nice guys – a band that most definitely should be on your radar for you to go and see as soon as you can. The whole show was put on by HD Music who not only choose a good venue for the show, but also picked a stellar line up to entertain everyone that night.


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