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Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 30 September 2017 04:00

Energy, a band formed back in 2006 in Massachusetts, know how to bring a show to Glasgow. Filling the room with brilliant tunes and making sure everyone around them were having a brilliant time.



Opening up the show was a local band called Gazing. Setting the bar and tone for the night they made sure that the crowd was getting warmed up and excited for the bands to come. The four-piece played their hearts out, and everyone who was there left knowing and loving another new band.



Nelson (not the twee blonde-haired twin brothers from way back when – Ed) are another local Glasgow band that kept the tone of the night going. Describing themselves as an emo-indie band, they kept their songs upbeat and got the crowd dancing and singing along to what they were playing. 


miss vincent

Miss Vincent arrived on the scene back on 2013 and have been steadily climbing up the ladder and always playing killer sets. They know how to perform and always set the standard very high so everyone knows that they came to play the game and play it well - and tonight's show was no exception to that. Their set was vibrant and full of energy and life, and once again they managed to get the entire crowd involved with all their songs. The four of them made sure that everyone got a little taste of something, playing songs from throughout their discography and this was another band that left you with smiles on your face.


Finally, onto the band everyone was waiting for, and the band that had travelled the furthest to play that night, Energy. The American band's signature style of music combined something that everyone could sing along to one way or another. Their sound combines a mixture of “sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics” - some of them darker than others, but all keeping the same upbeat backdrop of music. The added effect of the smoke machine made everything seem a little darker and spookier – which was just the look the band were going for, even more so as the vocalist, Jason Tankerly, went around swooping his witchy-cardigan to the music.



Playing favourites like ‘I Killed Your Boyfriend’, ‘The Witching Hour’ and ‘Dead In Dreamland’ were the three that definitely had everyone the most excited – Jason putting the microphone several times into the crowd so that the fans that were there could sing along.


The atmosphere the whole night was electric and full of love and lives, everyone there had smiles on their face and were constantly getting involved with all the bands on stage and knew how to make sure that everyone was having a good time.


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