LA Guns - Swansea Vice - 19th September 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 15:52


1lagunsOn entering the top floor of Vice club I quickly discovered that there had been a line up change which meant the band Forever Vendetta went on first and therefore I missed them as they had finished by 7.45.  So it was a drink from the bar and a brief wait around before Italian metallers Nasty Tendency took to the stage. 



As they stepped on stage decked out like (Welsh Metal Legends) Samurai would have twenty five years ago in this same fair city, or any number of NWOBHM bands in the early 80's, I had to rub my eyes - the thought that I'd passed into some sort of metal parallel universe was going through my mind, but no it was still 2009. I'm absolutely amazed a band like this still exists and can get a support slot on anyone's European tour let alone LA Guns'. That is unless they paid for the backline, tour bus and bought the chips at every city they go to... as well as paid for the hotels.  Anyway, it got more bizarre; after two songs and not a single clap off the audience, the singer decided enough was enough and fucked off leaving her band on stage looking so Spinal Tap it was hilarious. After a few uneasy minutes the bassist and axeman both shuffled off leaving the drummer to perform a ten minute drum solo - I kid you not. Unfortunately they did reappear to play about five more songs (half heartedly judging by the singer) before finally leaving the stage.



OK, after that I feared the worse for the LA Guns, but having seen Jizzy Pearl with Love/Hate only a few weeks earlier, I knew he was on form. As the band took the stage I was able to sigh with relief as they ripped and tore into some classic LA Guns. Tracii Guns looked relaxed and in good spirits and didn't stop struttin' and jerking about for the whole set, looking good and sounding superb in fairness. The rhythm section for this tour consisted of Jeremy Guns on bass and Chad Stewart on drums. 



All the usual suspects were in the set list;  'No Mercy', 'Sex Action', 'Letting Go', 'Over The Edge', 'One More Reason' and, of course, the crowd singalong with 'The Ballad Of Jayne' and a cover of 'Knocking On Heaven's Door'. Also played tonight from the often ignored period of the LA Guns was 'California' from the 'Shrinking Violets' album, which Jizzy informed us was a whole ten years ago, when he first joined forces with Tracii Guns. After a well deserved encore the band finally finished off the set with a blistering version of 'Blackout In The Redroom' and then they were gone.  



I must admit it wasn't nowhere near the train wreck show I was half expecting - they were a tight, rocking combo with some of the best sleazy anthems from the last 20+ years. I'm a person who isn't that bothered with original line ups (although it is often nice) but what in all honestly are the chances of seeing the LA Guns with Phil Lewis, Cripps, Alexander, Nickels, Guns line up or even Steve (muthafuckin') Riley on drums? So, if all I have on offer is what I saw then that'll do for me. Horns up Tracii Guns, you still have the chops!