Lostprophets/The Young Guns/The Dead Formats - Newport, Leisure Centre - 27th August 2009. Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 03 September 2009 06:25


It's mid way through Lostprophets set, and keyboardist/DJ Jamie Oliver turns to a sweat drenched Ian Watkins and proclaims to the masses "Water? They want water? We didn't want water when we saw Pantera here, did we Ian!"Ian_Crowd

The pinpoint irony and obvious pride in the band's dialogue with their sold out crowd is both infectious and unique, in so much as they still intrinsically sound like they are still rehearsing in Pontypridd's YMCA not headlining a thousand plus capacity arena. 


But it is this grounded sense of reality that also means any band you see touring with Lostprophets do get a fair deal both in production and sound terms. 

It's six piece punk upstarts The Dead Formats that I am lucky enough to witness at an ungodly early hour blasting the rather splendid Newport Centre a new set of stage doors with their explosive brand of Bronx/International Noise Conspiracy enthused rifferama. Finishing their set with a rampaging 'Wind Up' I soon found myself at their merch table picking up a copy of their Visible Noise six track CD EP, Which I'll be reviewing very soon. 


If The Dead Formats might have felt a little rough around the edges for some of the crowds more ahem, conservative musical tastes, then it was left to Young Guns to deliver a polished set of anthemic rock that belied the bands very tender years. 

I'm not sure if Young Guns will agree with this, but, if you could imagine the huge riffs of AFI melded with a stadium sensibilities of late eighties cock rockers Skid Row you will not be a million miles away from the catchy as fuck rawk these guys peddle.

Young Guns have a raw energy and enthusiasm that will win the hearts and minds of legions of new fans and in singer Gustav Wood you have a poster boy in waiting.


Ian_Spot_3Homeboys Lostprophets have certainly come a long way since I first got to see them.  I remember penning a letter to the local weekly Welsh Sunday rag telling them to stop arse kissing The Stereophonics and wake up to these noisy oiks from Pontypridd, who at the time were just starting to make inroads into the UK scene. Now look at them, just about to release album number four, massive in the US, and headlining the weekend's Reading and Leeds Festivals NME stage.  Who would have thought it eh?


The best looking band from the Rhondda valleys, waste little time getting to grips with their crowd and set about delivering a hit heavy plethora of tunes (as well as three newbies if my memory serves me correctly) ranging from 'Everyday Combat', to 'A Town Called Hypocrisy' via a frenetic 'Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja' that tests the Centres Security barriers to the maximum.


Throughout their set the (Uncle Bryn like) naivety of Ian Watkins banter is a joy to behold especially when you sense he really is chuffed as fuck to be playing a venue he has no doubt watched countless numbers of his heroes play in previously.  The culmination of the night being a triumphant run through of 'Burn Burn' that must have had every single person in the house screaming their hearts out.


I have to confess that Mrs H dragged me along to this show much to my distain, so lets get one thing straight. Its not very often I come away from such gigs thinking, "I can't wait to review this", but I won't lie to you.  This was fantastic three band bill and worth every penny of my entry money.


No doubt we'll be back to arenas next time lads...Slaves to the grind boys, Slaves to the grind.