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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 23 June 2015 03:00

Thirty years of The Godfathers, that’s what we are all here for tonight, THIRTY bloody years of rock ‘n’ roll music from band mainstays Peter and Chris Coyne, and after all those years I must admit that tonight they have never sounded as raw or hungry to prove to prove their point. 




Speaking with Chris following the band’s set tonight he mentioned that it was actually 25 years since he and Peter last played Cardiff at Nero’s night club, a venue I don’t think I ever had the dubious pleasure of frequenting on a gig night. I have however been to The Globe on many occasions and it’s become a venue I’ve grown extremely fond of especially since they’ve sorted the sound issues out. Tonight it’s not the sound that is causing people to get a little fidgety though, nah it’s the sweltering heat, Peter Coyne even questioning if he was in Cardiff or the Costa Brava before even a single note has been played by his bandmates.


The oppressive heat might be the aftermath of yet another white hot support set from glunk rock ne’er do wells The Sick Livers, who I won’t review tonight for fear of you thinking they are actually paying me for column inches right now. I can assure you that is most definitely not the case it’s just the simple fact that Ginge and the boys seem to be everywhere I am right now gig wise and tonight in their expended six piece format with Paul Hawkins pumping away on his big red organ they once again slay all comers.


The prospect of listening to half an hour of a dad rock CD between bands doesn’t exactly help with the oppressive atmosphere either and from ‘Rumney Rock City’ I quickly fine myself in ‘Detroit Rock City’ as every cock rock anthem you can imagine seems to want to batter my senses and make me forget I’m here to witness a proper rock ‘n’ roll band tonight not some bunch of pouting perfumed ponces.


As the theme from The Persuaders cuts through the humidity up pops Peter Coyne with a quick “You have excellent taste” as he turns to ready his troops for a three decade celebration of his band’s music, and I for one am I’m certainly hoping he’s talking about what is to follow and not thanking the PA guy for what went before. This is actually my first time of seeing the new five piece line up of The Godfathers and after Nev Brooks had told me to expect something completely different from the ‘Jukebox Fury’ show I had last witnessed all I can do is hold my breath for a long as is humanly possible and prepare myself… for what…I’m not entirely sure.




With the opening trio of ‘I Want Everything’, ‘Cause I Said So and ‘If I Only Had Time’ I suddenly find myself scrawling the legend “FUCK ME” in 2 inch high letters across the top of my gig scribbles sheet. This is definitely not the same band I witnessed back in 2013. Well and truly gone are the pub rock pretentions of that line up and in their place what we have now is a band as fired up and brutal as the one that first formed out of the Sid Presley Experience all those years ago. Guitarists Mauro Venegas and Steve Crittall and drummer Tim James really have given the brothers Coyne the turbo charged boost their rich musical legacy so justly deserves and as my better half so astutely comments they actually make the band’s new single (‘Till My Heart Stops Beating’) sound like Blondie with balls… It’s Mauro who I can’t help but be impressed by though, hammering his Les Paul like a ‘Black Leather’ era Steve Jones, this guy hardly stands still for longer than a few bars of any song. However in saying that neither do the faithful around me who seem to not only know every word of classics like ‘How Low Is Low’, ‘I Want You’ and ‘This Is Your Life’ but also possess the ability to re-enact them via the art of dad dancing.


Highlights are many, but the version of ‘Unreal World’ is simply breath-taking as is the version of ‘She Gives Me Love’, whilst This Is War’ which brings the main set to a close sounds more like a war on the senses!


It’s worth mentioning at this point just how much of an important part the brothers Coyne still play within the make up of The Godfathers though with bassist Chris (looking remarkably like Paul Gray I might add) thundering away like a metronome whilst also picking up the melodious overtones of new single flip side ‘Rewind Time’, and then there’s his in his brother Peter, in this man the band still has one of the most intimidating frontman out there right now. You can never relax in front of Peter Coyne he always keeps you on your toes, singling out imaginary foes in the audience and throwing barrow boy banter at them to provoke a reaction. Peter is my type of frontman, part Phil Mogg, part Reg Presley and part Johnny Rotten yet always 100% Peter Coyne. The long lasting appeal of The Godfathers is perhaps best summed up by the euphoric response from tonight’s audience which earns the band a set of encores culminating in an eardrum bursting rendition of ‘Birth, School, Work Death’.




Phew! So there we have it thirty years of The Godfathers delivered in a little under 90 minutes. This all new version of The Godfathers really has to be seen to be believed, so make sure you are at the front of the queue for tickets the next time they hit you town as they will blow the bloody doors off every gaff they steam into make no mistake.




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