Chuck Norris Experiment/The Hip Priests/Role Models/Trigger McPoopshute - London, The Pipeline - 13th June 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 27 June 2014 03:00

If you're into all that Friday 13th mumbo jumbo then you'll have missed this most excellent line up in olde Londinium Town. With so many firsts happening how could this night even remotely go wrong? There are so many good things happening about this show I half expected Jesus himself to serve me a beer on an angel's wing moments before the devil and all his demons rode outta town on buckled wheels and a flea in their collective ears.


First up is none other than South Wales' own Trigger McPoopshute and, let's be honest, if it wasn't for Darrel tonight would never have happened so he deserved to open this up, and the one thing I noticed whilst grinning at the magnificent song titles was how far this band has come. They sounded tight and well up for the job and as the tunes unfolded 'Skidmarks And Spencers', 'Gloryhole Viper' and 'Race Card' never ever sounded so good, and with the tightness songs like the anthemic 'Sheep' and 'Mr Motherfucker' took on a whole new meaning. With a proper recording on the horizon Trigger seem ready to step up to the plate, nice one ladies.


As a perfect side step to the left we move away from the often frantic punk poke in the eye of Trigger to the more melodic and power pop tunes expertly delivered by Role Models. I'm happy to admit that I've been blown away by the recordings released by this four piece and with 'This Eventually Leads Nowhere' they possess one of the finest tunes by anyone anywhere in the last decade (I kid you not) and I'm sure as shit glad it got a good airing tonight! With a short but oh so sweet set the band managed to give a good seeing to some old tunes off the first EP as well as some new tunes and even one brand new tune thrown in for good measure.


The band sounded fantastic and the harmonies were executed magnificently. We had some great banter from frontman Rich Ragany who led his merry men through some of the finest alternative rock songs you could wish to hear this side of The Replacements and if Westerberg isn't going to entertain us then you need to look no further than Role Models for a fresh take on a time honoured sound, and just in case your wondering, yes, they most certainly have the tunes to cut the chops and live they just slayed it. Opening with 'Little Let Down' and throwing in the superb 'Saturday Night' whatever else happened tonight didn't really matter because I'm happy to declare that I'm loving the Role Models and everything they do. I'm only a bit gutted they couldn't play for longer. There is always next time, right? There most certainly will be a next time.




Okay, we move swiftly on and if some punk rock wasn't your thing and neither was power pop how about a Black Denim Blitz from England's finest purveyors of all things filthy and fucked up: the one, the only, The Hip Priests! With time seriously running away with us it just seemed to throw more petrol on an already blazing fire. I've seen the Hip Priests many, many times in all sorts of dive bars and even seen them in the Pipeline a few times before but tonight I'm going to put it out there they topped the lot and were on mother fucking fire, kids! Absolutely ablaze. I don't know what got under their skin tonight, maybe it was the time restraints or the pressure of the rest of the bill spurring them on but from the moment the intro tape chimed in it was get set and Blitz!!!!


'Vodkacoma Casanova' laid down the marker and the band duly delivered the finest set I've seen them knock out for quite some time. Von Cruz was more possessed (if that's possible) as he prowled the small stage like a cat on a hot tin roof pulling a stunning performance out of his bandmates. It was all about the new tunes for me and the likes of the magnificent 'Zero Fucks Given' and 'Survival Of The Shittest' show that the boasts from within the Priests camp aren't hollow or unable to live up to the expectation but they absolutely smashed it tonight and I was glad I saw it as the Motherfucker Superiors were in devastating form, no question about it.


It would take a brave band to follow that, but Chuck Norris Experiment were about to perform their debut UK show and there wasn't a bead of sweat about to fall from their brow as they surveyed what had gone before and were about to rise to the challenge. Rather them than me!


All systems go then as 'Black Leather' raised more than my eyebrow as it pounded out of the PA speakers and right from the off it was plain to see that CNE were up for the challenge: in fact they would shit that challenge as they proceeded to deliver a devastating forty five minute debut that was in keeping with tonight's entertainment and I can categorically state right here, right now that there wouldn't have been a better gig on anywhere in the United Kingdom on this Friday the 13th. Download? Pfft! The Pipeline is where it was at and right about now the roof was about to cave in as Chuck Ransom led his band through a spectacular set that, if I'm honest, couldn't have gone any better. Sure I'd have loved to hear them play for hours and give justice to the entire back catalogue but you know sometimes a condensed on the hoof set cut short filled with danger and an audience right up for it is exactly what you want.


Ransom was off the stage and prowling whilst the band delivered an incredible, vibrant, tight soundtrack that was like a bomb going off and CNE were absolutely killing it. It was great to finally be able to hear the likes of 'Taking Out Berlin', 'Saturday Night' and 'The Roof Is About To Cave In' alongside new songs off 'Right Between The Eyes'.


The curtain was brought down on this most excellent of nights with a great take on the Turbonegro classic 'I Got Erection' and then it was over. Friday the 13th has been an absolute pleasure. Four very different bands all killing it in their own ways and an audience who have witnessed one killer line up after another/ Those who said rock and roll was dead? I say bullshit, tonight it was alive and kicking at the Pipeline and I had a ball.  


Let's not leave it too long before we can do this all over again. Off into the balmy London twilight I skip, not knowing if a crazed axe murderer was going to jump out on me on this most evil of nights, but, as my ears were ringing like a bell, I wouldn't have heard him anyway. What a top, top night!