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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 04 December 2016 03:30

With the festive season fast upon us this might well be the last Singles Club of the year and whilst it might not seem that my sack is bulging like previous months, this one might just be the pick of the bunch quality wise.  With a slender lean mean six from raging garage/punk to cool as fuck power pop this singles club has got the biggest baubles and you can wrap tinsel on that and take it to the rock and roll bank!


kevinsiminorKevin Junior & Los Tupper - Si Minor Seventh (Sunthunder Records)


The last four songs recorded before his untimely passing Kevin Junior was a rock and rolla, a minstrel and a troubadour in the finest, most pure rock and roll traditions sadly he wasn't built to last and has left a sadly slender back catalogue and we are denied a long and fruitful legacy of records and if this to be his swansong then what a charming yet melancholic finale it is - haunting even as the final song (a splendid cover of the Faces classic) 'Debris' is the perfect song for Kevin in sound and spirit and boy do Los tupper and he nail this!  If you’re after some chilled out late night sugar then this is the single for you.  Opening with 'Ruins' it's a romantic swagger and fantastic pop song no doubt about it whilst 'Times Are Hard For A Dreamer' is a beautiful slow burner.  Which only leaves 'You're Coming Home For Christmas' as well as 'Debris'.  At 46 years young Kevin is gonna be sadly missed and it's our loss that there will be no more music, but having singles like this come out softens that blow.


sacred01The Sacred - Lovesick Pills (No Front Teeth) 


Another month and another fantastic snotty single from No Front Teeth (like it would be anything less that top quality) this one comes in several limited edition sleeves from your standard to your very limited edition  'Lovesick Pills' is full on '77 punk rock from the Thunders meets Cheetah solo to the gang vocals on that chorus. The flipside is 'Sick Society' and reliably its more of the same which in this day and age is most refreshing that some wanna fly the flag for those Dead Boys and do it so well.  Damn it even has a bongo solo! pick up a copy before it's too late from those tireless lifers over at No Front Teeth


The Hip Priests / DMO – ‘Split’ (Beluga Records)


Hip PriestsKing of the singles club and undisputed heavyweights of all things garage punk The Hip Priests release their penultimate single on 2016 via Beluga records from outta Sweden and bring DMO with them for one hell of a split single release. 'Alls Well In Hell' begins with a bass rumble that could wake the dead and somewhat apt after most of the western world turns to shit those Hip Priests have their finger on the pulse and like a nuclear holocaust destroy all before them with yet more proof that some bands just simply don't get their just deserts because if they did these reprobates would be bigger than Elvis.  As for their flipside mates DMO, or Djavulen Moblerar Om to give them their proper name, well these cats hail from Stockholm and will kick your backside given half the chance. With a track that wasn't featured on their album I reviewed a while back but garage pissed off punk rock is the name of the game and worthy accomplices they are too.  Just buy this single.


Tigercub - 'Memory Boy' (Alcopop Records) 


Starting off with a much distorted bass line this doesn't so much break out but unfold as it's modern grunge gets its groove on.  A cool smoulder of a track that sounds frustrated and a little pissed off this Brighton band have got a full album in the bag and this single is a good excuse to investigate further. 



Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind - 'Till It's All Gone' 


a2456923345 16Jim is clearly cutting a deal with old Nick for the secrets to the universe as his beat combo turn in a fuzzed up restrained rock and rollercoaster ride through time and space with the lead track of this here brand new single 'Till It's All Gone' sure the ivories get tinkled and the floor toms are well and truly thumped like some voodoo exercise whilst the guitars are the glue that hold Jim's voice in check (just) Another great single from a huge talent. 'Walk It Out' sounds full of menace with Jones turning in a blinding vocal and those keys elevate this from a B side to a bonafide belter.  I can't recommend this single and this band highly enough. buy it  for yourself - it's what Santa would want you to do.


Rinehearts - 'Rinehearts’ EP (No Front Teeth Records)


Power Pop bursting with exceptional melodies and soppy jangly fuzzy guitars opens up this EP from Australians Rinehearts. 'Try your Luck' is recorded loud but inside the rough edges is a lush melody that is steeped in the traditional power pop of the Plimsouls and Paul Collins and it doesn't stop there because there are six tracks on this budget bustin' EP that is as fine an introduction to a band as any.  To cram this much melody and top tunage into one 7" single is borderline illegal in many continents and should carry a govt health warning.  'By The Phone' is killer and to flip this bad boy over you have the rush of 'You Want Me Back Now'.  They've nailed the sound and have the tunes to cut the chops.  I can't wait to hear a full length LP from these cats because they've got it! 'Note To Self' is awesome and the pick of the pops, no question about it.


Right that's it folks go grab grandpa’s sherry and get drunk buying on this here internet and pick up yourself a 45 to enhance this festive season. Ho ho ho and all that and catch you next year with another full bag of filth and fury filled 45s.