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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 06 December 2014 04:00



For the last meeting of The Uber Rock Singles Club for 2014 I’ve done a quick once around Uber HQ to hopefully clear up all the outstanding slabs of wax we’ve had since our last soiree whilst also slotting in a few that we missed first time around too. So heads down and see you at the end….


Dying ShameThe Dying Shames - ‘The Dying Shames’ (No Front Teeth Records)


Tell you what, you just know it’s going to be a good single when you find out that The Dying Shames features members of Ten-O-Sevens, The Gaggers, The Miscalculations, The Ricky C. Quartet, The Seminals and Los Pepes are all present and correct. It's garage rock with a very healthy dose of ‘70s power pop and four tracks are on offer each one pretty much as good as the next. The retro production is spot on too as is the playing, in fact 'You Know It’s True' sounds like it was just cut and released from Eel Pie Island after a boozy late night out.


The Dugz/The Berlin Lights - ‘Featuring Charlie Harper #1’ (Time & Matter Records)


Cut on a super heavy weight slab of marbled wax this Double A side is a real treat for punk rockers, and UK Subs fans in particular. Featuring the ageless Charlie Harper (hence the name of the EP series) we find him in fine voice on The Dugz 'Caught In A War', which makes up the single’s A Side. This particular track came about after a chance encounter whilst in Ireland and its punk as fuck! On the B side or Double A (whichever way you want to look at it) The Berlin Lights turn in 'Hit The Floor' with its Stooges groove. Charlie contributes a rather splendid harmonica on what I'd go with as the standout track of the two and well worth checking out.


Charlie Harper


This is a great idea for a single release and I look forward to what else might come my way in this series. All in all it’s another quality product from those Time And Matter chaps, so pop over to their web site which is without doubt one of the finest fan sites anywhere on the internet.


EMEureka Machines - ‘Remain In Eighties’ (PledgeMusic)


A bit of a cheat this one as it’s digital only but I couldn't resist covering this covers EP. Released as part of the band’s new PledgeMusic campaign you can download this very tasty EP for free if you take up one of their offers based around the band’s soon to be recorded fourth studio album. The title is a bit of a giveaway but I'm sure you'll agree only the Eureka Machines could get away with picking a car crash selection of eighties pop classics that we all know and love (okay so love is stretching it a bit, but you might find you love these versions). Whilst not my first choice of cover I suppose if you are going to take on iconic eighties smash hits then they might as well be 'Walk Like An Egyptian' originally by The Bangles or Kim Wilde's 'Kids In America', yup you read those right kids but you also know they’re in safe hands with the Eureka Machines because they totally own these versions. Maybe covering an Adam Ant tune isn't such a stretch, but 'Goody Two Shoes'? Yes of course they own this as well. To bring the curtain down they knock out the Billy Joel lyric heavy 'We Didn't Start The Fire' and if this hasn't whet your appetite for pledging on the new EM album then there isn't much hope for you. Classic and unexpected. Great work guys.


DewardiansDedwardians - ‘Like An Animal’/’Love Sick’ (Self Released)


With some thumping floor toms and some equally aggressive guitar work 'Like An Animal' is a thumping introduction to the second single released by London band Dedwardians. Fuzzed up and fucked up vocals courtesy of Paul Gautrey this is a great tune as the title and chorus refrain refuses to leave your head. The second tune possesses the blood of the Cramps with the sparse guitar lick as the song broods to a big groove that’s all primal and instinctive. Yet again another tip top release and suitably noisy, but when can we get this on vinyl lad? Anyway until that day check out the iTunes like above and enjoy another band making fantastic music that I can highly recommend.


NCBNew Cowboy Builders - ‘Black Moses’ (Function Room)


Kicking off with something of a post punk jerk Welsh outfit New Cowboy Builders are keeping it real on this two track black vinyl 7”offering.  I won’t pretend to imagine what the fuck ‘Black Moses’ is all about as the lyrics are making no sense at all but it all sounds decent enough to me. The second tune on this single is 'What Is Expected' is actually my pick of the two tracks on offer here and it has a charm all of its own. New Cowboy Builders are certainly worth checking out as they have a curious knack for writing a very strange melodies in a style all of their own. Worth investigating.


ryan-adamsRyan Adams - ‘Gimme Something Good’ (Columbia/Pax Am Records) 


Coming out in a very nice cardboard sleeve and pressed on gold vinyl, this is the lead track and first single off the recently released ‘Ryan Adams’ album, by the man with the same name  I like it and its arrangement and it’s not an immediate single but more of a grower in the best way.  This single also features an exclusive B Side in the shape of 'Aching For More' which again is a good enough reason for fans of Ryan to pick up a copy especially if you can get hold of the Gold pressing.


AmazingThe Amazing Snakeheads - ‘Can't Let You Go’ (Domino)


Recently touring with the Jesus And Mary Chain seems like the perfect match for this North of the border band. This 7” single set to coincide with the tour comes with a download card of not one but three tunes. 'Can't Let You Go' begins with a soaking wet guitar sound and some crooned vocals before the sparse arrangement kicks in as the song builds with loads of aggression and a gravitational pull that just sucks me in and makes me want to listen to this even if I don't quite know where to pitch it style wise, and all power to The Amazing Snakeheads for that. 'The Virgin Mary' will leave you none the wiser either but it’s as weird as some freaked out Alice Cooper track whilst 'Jesus Freaks 2' is the final headfuck into something of a spasm rhythm with ripping guitars and some seriously fucked vocals.  Buy this and join me in praising The Amazing Snakeheads and their fucked up rock and roll.


Magic Eight BallMagic Eight Ball - 'I Just Love You More At Christmas' (Magic Cat Records)


Coming out on CD single or download via iTunes this is the first and only Christmas single I’ve been offered and as you'd expect from Magic Eight Ball it’s a blast!  Power pop perfection and without being crass or schmaltzy it’s a bonafide Crimbo belter and such is its power that I had to climb up the attic to get the tree and baubles to erect it before the night was out and a warm glow washed over me.  Baz Francis knows how to pen great tunes and this is yet another one. For less than £4 you can own a copy in the physical form and the piano lament that's 'As My Heart Sinks' is worth twice that much on its own.  Go on, get clicking the link and buy it, as thankfully there are no sleigh bells on it or a flake of snow on the cover, what more can you ask for?


Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year folks, see you all in 2015 for some more vinyl shenanigans, only on Uber Rock.