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Written by Matt Blakout   
Monday, 16 November 2009 14:54

Glamfest III - Bologna, Italy - Saturday 7th November


"Italy really is like a second home to Tigertailz and we just love the place. I think this is our third time back and every time has been a triumph. The Metal Godz seem to have Italy as their playing fields. I was very much looking forward to the show but it had a lot to live up to as it followed our appearance with Whitesnake and Europe and the Godz Of Metal festival with  Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver.


blakoutEarly start on the Friday; very un-rock n roll hour of the day - up at 5am to meet up at 6am. I had to drive myself down to Gatwick as I was playing the N.E.C. Music Live festival on the Sunday so needed to get myself up to Birmingham straight after getting off the plane. I knew I was going to be tired, just had to keep myself going. Listened to a bit a Winger and Stryper for inspiration and away I went!


Flyaway gigs are always a lot of hard work on everyone's part, not least 'Tailz svengali Mikey who shows incredible patience sometimes. The Welsh conces actually made it to the airport in time so we were off to a good start. Everyone in good spirits and good spirits in everyone! Flight was over in no time, mostly because I was so incredibly tired so slept a bit. Met by Johnny and another geezer at the Italian end (sorry can't remember your name fella, but I remember thinking you looked like a young Stephen Pearcy) and there seemed to be a growing clutch of people gathering around waiting for transport to the hotel. We were wondering if they were going to piggy back us back to the hotel at one point.


Hotel was fantastic and the manager and staff really couldn't do enough for us. Bare in mind this was the day before the show so we had a full day of not doing much, so we did what we enjoyed and had a few cheeky ones which led to more cheeky ones and shared a few stories and experiences at the bar in the hotel watching the Italian MTV. Mark (Insane) Kane is always a good one for a yarn or two having worked with so many bands. We manage to while away the time ok. Food was starting to be an issue so we gathered into the restaurant and were presented with Bronto Steaks masquerading as veale. I can honestly say it was the biggest piece of meat I have actually ever tackled!


Few more beers and a few were getting restless so headed out for a drink or two with the locals. I stayed as I was so incredibly full of meat and beers. Off to bed.


Breakfast next morning and one by one everyone showed up with tales of the previous night, so we had a laugh at the previous evening's shenanigans with the local biker gang featuring heavily in the stories, which were very funny. All harmless fun.


To the venue after a wash and brush up and, I must say, very impressed. The hall was veryglamfest372 large but had good sized bars both sides and video screens, so all good really. Nice sized stage. As we arrived Hardcore Superstar were just about to sound check so we didn't have to wait around too long. We had new screens that I was really looking forward to seeing up and the stage was plenty big enough so we had opportunity to use them. As it was an away gig, all my gear was provided, which was fine.  Andy, the guy who was there to help me, was great and I couldn't have done it without him. In fact, everyone was tremendously helpful and everything went by the numbers. The cabs were a bit iffy but we struggled through with what we had been provided. HCSS seemed a bit concerned at the size of the venue being rather large but they had done a fantastic amount of presale tickets so it looked like another Tailz / HCSS sell out show.


A lot of time to hang around after so we ate, we drank, we laughed and we filmed a lot of mucking about for which will hopefully launch soon.


Got the glad rags on and waited for each band to finish in turn. They played the new Kiss CD constantly over the p.a. so I got to know that pretty well!


Show time and we're off! I can never be able to put into words what it's like to walk out onto a stage with a crowd of a few thousand reaching for the sky screaming their lungs out. It's just an incredible feeling and one that the Italians create very well. I always feel like a cork out of a champagne bottle when I hit the stage, I just seem to fly, as in take off!  Needless to say the show was awesome, everyone performed really well and there was, as always, a great camaraderie on stage which I think the crowd feels as well. The set was just about long enough I felt, we left the stage to a tremendous response, couldn't have been better. We were a little concerned over set length as we really do not want to overrun our time so we scrubbed off the last song only to be told to play another as the set worked out shorter, but it was all good in the end. Just another awesome show to a very appreciative crowd.


I managed to cool off after a while and have a drink after show, get myself dry and looking presentable again. I needed to sit and relax, wind down a little.


The crowd were really loud when we were on but I just couldn't believe the sound of screaming girls! It was like The Beatles had walked on stage in 1966!


1uberartI walked up and stood behind Magnus's riser with his drum tech to watch the rest of the HCSS show and Magnus and I had a chat between songs. I must say he's a lovely, lovely guy as they all really are and a brilliant player. I went out front before the first encore to see if I could see some Tailz forum friends that I new had travelled over, one had come over from the States so I wanted to say hi. Spoke to a few people who were really positive about the show and I thanked them in turn for coming to the show. I was pretty sober at this point and you really notice how drunk people are sometimes! Headed down to the merch stall and met a load of people and had pics taken, met up with loads of people who had travelled all from over Europe to get there so I thanked them for their support and wished them all a safe journey home. Spoke again to the HCSS guys and said our goodbyes to the emptying hall.


Back on the bus and back to the hotel to dump gear and on to a club. We were in very high spirits, singing Tom Jones songs if I remember, though the few beers I had were starting to take effect. The ride back seemed to take ages. I was mindful of having to get up early so didn't want to drink more and going to club and not having a drink didn't particularly appeal to me so I skipped the club. We had to be up at 3.30 am so I showered and off to bed.


Wake up call seemed like ten minutes after I closed my eyes, which it probably was, and I was surprised to see my roommate in bed. Quickly up and gathering my stuff and down to the lobby for the bus. A few were already in the lobby so I can only assume they skipped bed.


Airport, flight (slept again), Gatwick airport, all good. Phone was completely drained of power, so was going to struggle to ring anyone who needed to know where I was as much as I needed to tell them I could make the NEC in Birmingham in time for the 1.30pm Yankee Rose slot at Music Live festival. Dropped Mikey at a wedding on the way up so it was good to have some company.


Great line-up of bands; a homage to the Donington '88 line-up. I was so extremely tired andtailz_vice was struggling to get my head around what needed to be done. Thankfully my gear had been unloaded there so just had to set up. With the help of everyone around it all worked out fine and I had plenty of time to set up and change. Great to see all my friends in Birmingham and see Dressed To Kill again.


The slot came and went and the first person I saw as I came off stage was Robin Guy of GMT. Now I've always wanted to meet Robin - his playing is simply awesome - long time admired his playing so it was great to chat with him. If I had known he was watching I would've been better! Lovely guy (no pun intended) and I'm hopeful of a longer chat at HRH.


A fantastic weekend of rock and great to be with all my friends in Italy and Brum.


Every part of my body was aching and I was glad to get in the house and open a bottle of wine and watch some TV with my other half! Roll on Swansea Vice on November 21st, for those who can't make that show HRH!!!!!!"


Pouting drummer photo courtesy of Tessa Blakout