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Written by Hugo Naschy   
Friday, 30 October 2009 16:18



Liverpudlian Zombina is nearly six feet of exquisite feminine beauty energized by a zombinabatsgenuine affection for kitsch horror and brimming with a creative muse which deliciously reinvents classic rock in collaboration with her guitarist Doc Horror.


Her showwomanship in performing the music she composes expresses itself via a persona derived from B-movie zombie narratives. One feels free to applaud her efforts but not to get one's hands too close to her face. If you have seen enough zombie movies there is a fear she might take a bite.


zombinacdApart from piquing the interest of every Hammer House of Horror fan, Ms. Zombina and her Skeletones draw massive audiences wherever they play, the product not merely of their surface appeal but a decade plus of hard work.


Unfortunately for those us across the Atlantic, it is almost exclusively in Europe, and more specifically, generally in Britain.


Five albums, seven EPs, two singles and a number of line-up changes later, these determined Zombina__The_Skeletonesand loveably eccentric scousers have crafted an impressive body of work. "The immortal horror periodical FANGORIA just heaped praise on our new album! We're so proud" said Zombina of her band's write-up in the legendary horror film publication.