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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 17 September 2017 04:30

In all the time I've done the Singles Club, I've come across some fantastic singles. It’s a format I can't get enough of and, whilst it might now come in many guises and formats, I still love hearing a great single by a band or singer. This month’s batch, without exception, is the strongest and finest selection to date. Take your pick, or pick ‘em all up: this is nothing but the quality of the highest standard from first to last - brilliant stuff.  Who said rock and roll was dead?


And to think most of these selections come from Shit Island - I doff my cap to you one and all… Ladies and gentlemen the singles club is open for business -


The Hip Priests - PagansThe Hip Priest/Pagans split (Just For Fun Records)


Thank fuck for that! I was scratching my head wondering where my favourite singles band had gone – and, bang, they're back in the room with yet another blistering single. This time it's just the one track, in the shape of 'Scene Is A Crime', and it's wonderful to see they've not lost any of their bite and fury: the addition of the Stooged up piano fill only gains more points in my book.  Great tune (as usual). On the flip side is 'Bad Bet' from Cleveland's Pagans, who are celebrating 40 years in this filthy business - and what better way to do that than split a 45 with the Hip Priests? And what a jolly decent tune it is too.  Of course, my advice is to get out there and pick up a copy - or better still join the Spasm Gang and get hold of one of the exclusive versions.


Fireburn – ‘Don't Stop The Youth’ (Closed Casket Activities)


Holy shit, what a beautiful noise.  Not strictly a 45 or single, but more a short sharp kick to the temple of a 12" EP.  Saying that, the four songs only run in at 11-plus minutes and the fifth track is a dub remix of 'Jah Jah Children'. Why am I so excited about this hardcore romp? Well, it features none other than a bunch of NYHC legends – and, don't just take my word for it, but this record is fucking ace! The first four tracks just rip like fuck, kicking up a hardcore stink, then it's chill out for some heavy dub on 'Jah Jah Children'. Even with the expensive import postage, this is one you need in your collection if you've ever had even the slightest hankering for some NYHC old school. Brilliant!


Bloodclot – ‘Up In Arms’ (Metal Blade Records)  


What a fucking blast. If you've ever had a hankering to break something, or just thrash yourself around to some awesome loud heavy as fuck hardcore, then Bloodclot, is for you.  A superstar line up if there ever was one.  Turn it up and take a deep breath, then pick up the album: it’s a killer.  Like London buses, you wait forever for some new fresh hardcore and then not one but two rolls up in the same charge.  I've decided to take up the fitness bug as a way of swapping addictions to a more healthy option and this is my current go to music – and, boy, I feel like Iron Man running through a brick wall playing this bad boy.  Bloodclot absolutely nails it.  The line-up (John Joseph, Todd Youth, Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo) needs no introduction at all - but let's just say that this month’s Singles Club only has two joint winners - and that's me and you, if you give these choices a chance. Stunning NYHC at its finest.


Brian James – ‘Too Hot To Pop’ (Easy Action Records)  


Four picks from the James archive of what inspired him in the first place to pick up a guitar and play. Recorded live, I'd say 'Route 66' is the pick of the bunch, with a guitar riff that can kill at 40 paces: utterly thrilling chops and a sound that I find so exciting and energetic.  The take of 'Living Doll', with Mark Taylor operating the accordion, is something of a departure - more Grande Cru than Damned Damned Damned.  Well worth getting a hold of to see how the baton gets passed down from generation to generation: about time this legend gets his dues me thinks.


the-fiascos-destroy-the-radio-cover-1The Fiascos – ‘Seen Your Face Before’ (Self-Released)


Those cheeky chaps The Fiascos have already hit single number three with 'Seen Your Face Before' - and yet another solid contender it is too.  Man, you know straight from the off that this is going to be good; as it comes rattling out of the speakers; it warms my heart to hear bands play solid power popping punk rock ‘n’ roll with huge hooks and big choruses.  As the bass punches through towards the chorus, you're already singing along. 'It Doesn't Matter Much' isn't original – but, fuck it, who wants original when jumping on the rock ‘n’ roll circle of life is this enjoyable?  Right boys that's three singles-  now for an album of tunes this good… that'll do very nicely.


Brandy Row – ‘Do Or Die’ (No Front Teeth)


Back in the house is the fantastic Brandy Row with another excellent single released on No Front Teeth Records. This is a really impressive rock and roll record for Brandy, complete with saxophone and full band performance.  To be fair, this upbeat horn honking extravaganza is possibly my single of the month. Brandy has a fantastic talent to mix up many different styles and pull it off, and this his best release to date.  I for one can’t wait for the album to hit the streets if this is a sample of how good it will be. And that's just 'Do Or Die'… on the other side is a really impressive full band version of 'Crazy World' very exciting times for this very talented individual. is the place to go for the record.


A Bunch Of JerksA Bunch Of Jerks – ‘Top Secret TP’ (Rum Bar Records)


Rum Bar don't often get things wrong when they put out a release, and this single is no exception.  Sounding like a garage band Blondie, this bunch of jerks know how to kick up a shit storm of rock and roll. 'Top Secret TP'? I haven't got a clue either, but I don't care because all I know is these guys ‘n’ gal rock! 'King One' is more of the same.  Flying the flag for top quality rock ‘n’ roll stateside, Rum Bar haven't got it wrong this time either.  Cool tunes guys.



Mick Jagger – ‘Gotta Get A Grip’  (Polydor Records)


Seems weird going into a record store and picking up a 12" single from Sir Michael Of Jagger, but I did - and you know what? Its pretty damn good too. Hard to believe how old Jagger is, because he moves around better than many people half his age, and the fact he still has the motivation to make music warms the cockles of my heart. 'Gotta Get A Grip' is laid back but has a tidy groove going on. The fact that this double A side release also has a pair of videos for it is a nice move.  For my money, 'England Lost' is the better of the two tracks.  ‘Wandering Spirit’ was a great album, and if this is a taste of what he might be working on then bring it on. I love a bit of Jagger.



Born Loose – ‘Torn Up Heart’ (Hound Gawd Records)  


Born Fuckin' Loose is in the house - and of course Larry May isn't going to let us down. Let you down be fucked! Once again the evil powers o’ rock and roll unleash some of the finest vocals as May lets rip!  Take your pick, A side or B side: they're both awesome tunes that kick the holy crap out of 99.9 per cent of other bands. Be warned: this is released in low numbers and won’t be available on CD or digital download - just wonderful coloured wax!


Jaya The Cat – ‘Sweet Eurotrash’ (Bomber Music)  


To showcase the new long player, this bunch of beardy night dwellers has gone and released a taster of what’s to come in the shape of 'Sweet Eurotrash' – and, of course, most excellent it is too.  All the familiar Jaya The Cat traits are present and correct… and if the album is as good as this song suggests it might be - then bring it on. 


The VolcanicsThe Volcanics – ‘Get A Move On’ (Self-Released)


Taken from the band’s new long player, 'Oh Crash', this is possibly the most laid back and restrained track on the album, but a catchy slab of garage rock from the boys from down under. The B side is a different affair, with a live take on 'Hold It Down' which is brimming with no holds barred energy: it's bullshit free, hard rock ‘n’ roll with a heap of attitude and full throttle delivery.  A fine end to this batch of quality tracks.



The Wednesday Addams - 'Lips Of Mine' (Misplaced Records)  


Fancy some 90s rock or goth-tinged pop? Then look no further! The Wednesday Addams is a Californian band that features former Black Marquee Kevin Bombay and Danni Sweet on vocals.  Available on iTunes now as well as Spotify, on this evidence alternative rock is in rude health. Danni moved to California and hooked up with Kevin and began creating this music: expect a full-length album in 2018. If 'Lips Of Mine' is a taste of what’s to come, then the future looks bright.


That's it, folks. The Singles Club is now in recess until the next time - now get out there and check these bad boys out… if you know what’s good for you!


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