Onslaught Tour Diary - Entry 1 Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Williams   
Friday, 28 August 2009 17:35

Onslaught - Alacatraz Metal Festival - Deinze, Belgium  8th August 2009


Jeff Williams, bass player of UK thrash veterans Onslaught, shares his exclusive tour diary with all Über Röck Söldiers......


alcatraz_flyer".......Setting out at two in the morning to get to the Alcatraz Metal Festival in Deinze, Belgium for 12 midday-ish............how fucking rock n' roll is that?!


We make our way into the main hall, get our passes etc.  It's a cool set up, big stage, good lights and a decent p.a. -  nice.  We're on early, around 2:30, so it's great to see that the place is completely rammed and everyone goes suitably mental ! Fucking great gig ! All over too soon though.


Next up, a signing session that's scheduled to run for half an hour but ends up lasting for an hour and a half.......three songs into Agent Steel's set.  Haha!


Then the drinking starts ............. a bottle of Jaeger, half a litre of vodka and three or four Belgium lagers later I stagger into a nice quiet backstage car park for a nice sit down - it's about 4:30pm.



An hour or so later I'm feeling suitably refreshed enough to rejoin the land of the living. I get back to the catering area just in time to see a re-enactment of the 'Bishop knife routine' from Aliens featuring Nige Rockett and James, our merch guy for the evening ..............the blood must have gone a good four feet I reckon, very impressive!!


The day draws to a close at about  6am, Chuck from Testament has been manning the backstage bar for the last few hours and I'm having a pleasant chat with Ross the Boss and Biff, all good fun ! But it's time to get a good two hours of restful sleep and back on the bus headed for Blighty .............. next week, Slovenia."