From Mexico To Toronto: Introducing Introtyl Print
Written by Jason Daniel Baker   
Sunday, 06 August 2017 04:00

How far would you go to do what you love? Would you travel 1700 miles away from everyone you know to a strange land in hopes people there might come see you do it? It takes a ton of nerve to bet on yourself that way. It is more than hoping your neighbour remembers to feed your cat or water your plants. A weak person, an amateur, might think about it enough to talk themselves into not following through. But professionals who dream about doing something somehow find a way make it happen without their place in normal society collapsing in on them.


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When they make that decision the key factor is whether the others they are working with want to live the dream as much. The judgement on whether there is a good, solid firm of musicians in a band is formulated from more than just how well they play or if they are compatible with the sound they each are looking at creating. Of great importance is the feeling that a dream is being realized through each other. Of critical importance is whether the band you have assembled is one which brings out the best in each of its members.


A band like Mexico City's death metal phenoms Introtyl is like that. The positive vibe they give off and the manner in which they conduct themselves professionally draws people to them. It is why I contacted them to tell them that I wanted to write about them. Considering how far they travelled (bands from Latin America don't often tour Canada and how great the buzz from their tour was, I am only sorry I can't do more in spreading the word).  Drummer Omar "Canibal" Zuniga graciously worked with me to facilitate the chat. But Sarai Rivera (bass) and Rose Contreras Cisneros (lead guitar) did most of the talking during the time they set aside to give me.


"We could write a book,” mused an exasperated Sarai when I asked her about whether there were any difficulties playing their form of music in Mexico. "Everyone thinks you just want to have fun and show that girls can play. But we want guys to realize the hard work we have really put in to this," she added - and Rose agreed.



Your humble Über scribe was in attendance amongst others for the final date of the Canadian leg of their tour (In support of their new EP, ‘Inside Of Violence’) which took them through Quebec City, Troise-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto. On a bill with Vile Oath (it turns out there is such a thing as death metal in Whitby – the one in Ontario not the north east of England!), Plethora and Single Bullet Theory (in support of their own new album, ‘Divine Ways Of Chaos’) they more than held their own closing out the show.


It is easy to say a band held their own when the bill isn't so hot - but this was a very high quality bill. In fact, I was surprised at the quality. Not a mixed bag by any stretch; it was a very complimentary selection. It was well worth missing the bible study/moonlight hayrides Torontonians usually take in on a Sunday night. Some halos may have fallen off heads during the impromptu slam-dancing too.


Sarai and Rose probably won't like my characterizing them as intellectuals or academics. But, both the band's founding members are university students and very articulate. Rose is getting a doctorate. Vocalist Kary has a degree in psychology and drummer Omar works in the animation field. They delighted me in speaking my language. I quite possibly horrified them in trying to speak theirs. The practice the band has adopted is to do their songs in English, recognising it as common ground for those they might perform with. Whether lyrics sung in English sound better is a matter of opinion, but they sure sound great as snarled by Kary.


The band was really touched by their communion with Canadian metal fans and musicians summing their feelings up thusly:


"What an awesome time we had in Canada. [We] never thought that we could find such great people and make friends. [It] is still shocking for us having met such AMAZING musicians, super professional all the time, so friendly, helpful, nice and obliging: the promoters in each place were so careful, professional, we never suffered or needed anything! And [we] never had any delay or issues in the events!


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We felt totally at home and each show was wonderful… we have no words to describe how thankful we are for your effort to take us to your hometowns, to give us always a cozy place to stay every night, to cook for us, to let us take showers (ha ha ha), to let us be with your friends and family and let us become one of them, to trusting and reaching out to us: Jesse Alain, Daniel Drolet, Jeff, Shane Pardy and Hollie Simon and Bar Le Magog Noel, Zac S. Murray, Alissa Degani. We want to thank especially our tour manager, Miky Ruta of FAME Enterprises, for being such great friend and for helping to make this amazing tour a reality! Thank you dear Miky!


We are so happy to have visited each city, to have had such amazing response from the audiences and to feel (yeah! why not?) successful! We’re ready to give more every time on stage.  We’ll have a new album next year (with awesome features) and a new tour to be announced! So, thank you guys so much! We look forward to meeting you very soon!”


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