"The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same..." - An Important Announcement Regarding The Future Of UBER ROCK Print E-mail
Written by Gaz Tidey & Johnny Hayward   
Monday, 29 August 2016 06:00



Today, on the seventh birthday of UBER ROCK, we were going to announce that the website was to close. Changes in our personal lives have meant that we couldn't dedicate the same amount of time to the site as we have over the past seven years so, rather than offer some diluted version of our collective vision, we decided that we would go out on a high, rather than wither and die.


We started telling the loyal band of UR contributors our sad news, one of the first being Mark Ashby, a writer for over five of our seven years. Within days Mark offered Uber Rock an escape route: Mark and his wife, Carolyn (herself a contributor of reviews and concert photography), approached us about the possibility of them taking over the website. Negotiations were quick, friendly, and sensible; the thought that Uber Rock could continue the most important aspect of all. So, Uber Rock will not close - from today it moves from South Wales to Northern Ireland under the ownership of Mark and Carolyn.


Our main condition when discussing the change of ownership was that every one of our current batch of contributors be given the opportunity to continue working with Uber Rock. Hopefully many of those writers will take up that offer and continue to work alongside Mark and Carolyn for years to come. We can never thank those contributors enough for their part in making Uber Rock what it is today, dedicating their time and talent for free to help further our cause. You guys and gals rule.


Now, we understand that people fear change, but please remember that without Mark and Carolyn there would be no Uber Rock after today: please support them as they strive to take the UR brand onwards and upwards.


In closing, a hearty handshake is extended to anyone who has ever contributed to Uber Rock in the past, and a horns-up salute is thrown in the direction of anyone who ever bought a piece of merch, listened to an episode of the radio show, or just read and shared our articles. Credit must also go to the mysterious ProsBros for solving our every IT issue.


So, it's now time for us to bow out: two kids from a nowhere town (in terms of the music industry, at least) who took a pipe dream and a passion for music and turned it into over 330,000 readers a year. We fought the forces of musical mediocrity and for seven years, yeah, we kinda won. It's been a blast. Thank you.


Long live Uber Rock, and all who sail in her,
Gaz Tidey & Johnny Hayward