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Written by Dom Daley & Gaz Tidey   
Sunday, 28 August 2016 03:40



With another month flying by, before long we'll be balls deep into the Christmas singles market (maybe not on here eh, but you can only hope). So as August draws to an end and again I have some tip top releases being flung in mine and Gaz’s direction and once again the quality on offer is immense.


UK SubsUK Subs - ‘November 1977 Demo’ (T&M Recordings)


For the first time on 7” vinyl (it’s two shades of blue too) here we have the four track demo tape recordings recorded by UK Subs back in November 1977, previously released as bonus tracks on the Captain Oi CD re-issue of 'Live Kicks'. The four tracks on offer are; 'Telephone Numbers' and 'Tomorrows Girls' on the A side and 'Stranglehold' and 'Disease' on the B side. Limited to 500 pieces and with new liner notes from Nicky Garratt this is something special, but be quick and hit this link or you'll end up paying a fortune off some dodgy auction site otherwise.


DictatorsThe Dictators NYC - ‘Supply And Demand’ (Premium Otis Recordings)


I picked this up at the band’s recent Rebellion show and had it sold to me by Handsome Dick Manitoba himself. This really was a no brainer purchase. It features the A side of 'Supply And Demand’ as well as the cover of MC5’s classic 'Kick Out The Jams' (Live) on the flipside, and anyone who has witnessed the mighty Dictators NYC in the last few years can testify how damn good these guys are as a unit and how their songs still hold value and are as relevant as they ever were. Whilst this was originally released last year this matters not to me as I never even knew it was out there! Not sure how you pick one up online for less than a re-mortgage but I wish you luck hunting down this must own blood red 7” record! (Uber Ed: You can actually get one here Dom


DedwardiansDedwardians / The Sly Persuaders - Split 7” (Roadkill Records)


Always great to have London's Dedwardians back in the Singles Club fold releasing new music, and ‘Kick Me I’m Down’ is one slab of brooding riff-a-rama with a kick like a mule. With Paul Gautrey’s distinctive vocals this is one way to slam in a lo-fi garage rocker. You can just picture how exhilarating this is going to come across live and most definitely a great side to any single. On the flipside The Sly Persuaders kick around their Gun Club influenced 'Wild For The Night' with its seriously groovy verse that slams into the gang vocals chorus it's certainly a rush and the perfect foil for Dedwardians side of the single. One I would certainly highly recommend you pick up. You can pre-order it here!


WonderstuffThe Wonderstuff – ‘For The Broken Hearted’ (IRL)


Released on a lovely slab of pink coloured vinyl this 10" single is culled from The Wonderstuff’s recently released fantastic album '30 Times Around The Sun', but it also includes two unreleased tracks on the B Side, namely 'To Far To Fall' and 'Indestructable'. Both of these are classic Wonderstuff and it actually makes me ponder how they missed the cut for the album, but such is the rich vein of form that Milo finds himself in at the moment I would imagine there are plenty lying on the cutting room floor. I'm just glad I managed to get my grubby mitts on a copy of this. I want 'More More More' please Milo because this is most excellent and The Waterboys influenced 'Indestrucatble' is beautiful with some awesome lyrics.


The FiascosThe Fiascos - Built For Speed (Self Released)


You ever wondered what happened to good time punk rock and roll? Well wonder no more because in the absence of bands like The Yo- Yo's and The Loyalties that gap will be nicely filled by the very talented The Fiascos, and with these two tracks available from their Bandcamp page you should certainly try before you buy and click on the link as soon as. ‘Built For Speed' is a sprightly catchy hook riddled slab of how to make a feelgood three minutes of power poppin’ punk rock. On the virtual other side (this is a digital release only sadly) is 'Olivia' and this tune is pretty much more of the same with a great arrangement and a catchy as fuck chorus. This is a most welcome blast of loud guitar and superstars


Bullet Proof LoversBullet Proof Lovers - ‘I Am My Radio’ (Ghost Highway Recordings)


Kurt Baker knocks out some of that sugar sweet power pop rock and roll in the shape of this new(ish) band, Bullet Proof Lovers, and as you'd expect its mighty fine and bang on the money. Ask anyone who buys singles and albums on vinyl Ghost Highway don’t release rubbish and this is proof. Yet again of that simple fact. There’s no need to thank me just pop along to Bandcamp and pick up a copy before they all go. 'I Am My Radio supported by 'Cry In The Night' is well worth a few Euros of anyone's money.


miss-england-403x400The Setbacks - ‘Miss England’ (Under The Ladder Records)


As we know singles come in all shapes and sizes and this one is no exception as its pressed on CD and features four tracks from the west country outfit The Setbacks who have come back much stronger after their ...well... line up setbacks. Lead track ‘Miss England’ is a really decent and sprightly bit of streetpunk rock with a subtle gang vocal chorus and the production lends a hand to what amounts to a really decent single. The SLF influenced 'Your Time' is an excellent song and my pick of the four on offer. Nip over to their Facebook page to pick up a copy before they get too 'Wasted'.


Berlin BlackoutsBerlin Blackouts / Gang Zero - Split 7” (Lux Noise Records)


I'll have me some of this! I loved Berlin Blackouts’ debut album, and then this 7” drops along with a video for 'I'm Gonna Go Now' and some very welcome Glunk from Germany it is too. With a great catchy gang vocals filled chorus and some very appealing punk rock ‘n’ roll. 'Comin' Home' is a little more laid back and has a really cool late night feel to it as the song just nails it and to complete Berlin Blackouts pair on this split they have another pair of songs added to their already impressive roster. Flip it over and Gang Zero enter the fray and as the feedback howls the pace quickens and we are into 'Fire'. 'Help' will light a fire (ouch) under the listener as the solo is wild and the frantic punk rock is brief. Without taking a breath 'Who's the Wolf?' is hot on the heels of the two preceding tracks kicking anything that is still moving. I like it - I like it a lot! Berlin has got it going on and these cats will kick the shit out of anyone’s punk rock racket. This is easily the best split single released so far this year. It’s delightful to see those (ex?) Radio Dead Ones aren't sitting idle. More, more, more please, get yours via Lux Noise Records.


JoystixThe Joystix / High-School Motherfuckers - ‘Skulls Out’ (Shotgun Generation Records)


Now here’s a novelty to end my session on The Uber Rock Singles Club this month - a split long player.  Not a bad idea when you think of it.  Why bother just knocking out a six track mini album when you can team up with some other bunch of nefarious cool cats and do a joint effort via the uber cool team behind Shotgun Generation Records.


I've always liked what The Joystix are laying down and they just seem to be getting better and better at their craft with every release and this collection of tracks just about tops the lot.  With a fistful of their favourite artists they've just about squeezed every last drop out of the carton and consumed it all but instead of just knocking out some second rate copycat rubbish they've gone and created a bunch of tunes that stand on their own as sounding like the Joystix and sure I hear a snatch of The Wildhearts here or Ramones there they have a bunch of tunes that are way above average and cross over the punk boundary and the sleazy rock and roll trash and as they puff their collective chests out the first half of this split is impressive. 


'Automatic' sets the tempo and lays down the marker for the standard of rockin' and rollin' that's coming.  'I Don't Believe In Rock And Roll (Anymore)' shoehorns in as many clichés as possible but kills it on the chorus with some great playing and a really cool chorus. Five really cool tunes you should familiarize yourselves with.  Now onto part two or the second band participating in this double damage day trip around Hungary and France is courtesy of the rather handsomely named High-School Mother Fuckers, and by the looks of them they've never been to any school let alone high school. Hailing from Paris, France these four scamps play a snotty sleazy brand of rock and roll (like you hadn't already guessed) they also play hard and fast but they also pour in some melody on the likes of '(Still) Hungover In Hungary' and whilst there isn't a whole bunch of originality going on here what we do have is a well-produced set of songs that the guys have been crafting since the early noughties, and it shows.


'Don't Care' is all big riffs and a sneaky upper cut punch and out of the five tracks they offer up to the Gods of rock and roll I do like the clichéd riddled 'Scream For Me', I like the partial breakdown and the melody but it’s the no nonsense of the parting shot 'Ride Into The Blue' that tickled my fancy most. A bassline that Lemmy would have hammered out heading towards a catchy gang vocal chorus is plenty enough to get me excited.  Now I’ve had my fill of European sleazy rock and roll I thought it was about time to hand over to Gaz Tidey for one final release this month. (Dom Daley)


deaddaystry300Dead Days - 'Try' (Self Released)


It only seems like yesterday (or last month's Singles Club, at least) that I found out about Home Counties alterno rockers, Dead Days. This trio - complete with drummer for a lead vocalist - impressed me with the alt. pop stylings of last single, 'Liar Liar', and I can only second that emotion when listening to its upcoming follow-up single, 'Try'. The lead track is dark, brooding, and über cool, yet with another of those simply MASSIVE hooks that, if you squint your brain just a little bit, you could imagine being sang back at the band by an audience of thousands. The two-track CD's second song, 'Six Feet Under', features (and was actually produced by) members of Billy Talent; its sounds a little grittier and more sombre. This band's forthcoming debut album has the potential to be as big as those choruses. Great stuff. (Gaz Tidey)


Now remember it's always quality over quantity round here at The Uber Rock Singles Club but just in case you want a review of your next vinyl release all I’ll say to finish with is “keep ‘em coming....”