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Written by Dom Daley & Gaz Tidey   
Sunday, 31 July 2016 03:20



After a month off to jolly around France chasing a dream it's back to business this month with a bulging full bag of 7 & 8" records (and some digital and CD singles too). Once again the singles market is always ready to give up some fantastic music and let this month be no exception as we see a return from some of the most prolific releasers of the wax record.  We sway from summer time power pop to inner city snotty punk and everything in between ladies and germs I give you July's Singles Club full with some right bobby dazzlers!


BHB single coverBlack Heart Breakers - ‘I Want You’ (iTunes)


Those rock ‘n’ rollers from down under are back and with a fresh line up they've packed a pair of bitchin' tunes one original - one cover - both kicking serious backside. Channelling the spirit of the Ramones and as singer / frontman Hayden said “Beach Boys meet the Ramones” he's pretty much spot on.   Opening with a riff Steve Jones would be proud of 'I Want You' has a fantastic melody and about as much melody as is legal crammed into one track.  The B side sees them beat up the Beach Boys 'Barbara Ann' in spectacular fashion just the way Joey and Dee Dee would have.  It’s a good day when these cats are back in the fold and I've been told to look out for an EP that is coming soon so good times down under from the Black Heart Breakers. You can pick up your copy here!


the-terrorsurfs-surf-bombloco-dinosaurioThe Terrorsurfs - Surf Bomb’/’Loco Dinosaurio’ (Killjoy Records)


The Terrorsurfs are a UK band not to be confused with the Terrosaurs and ‘Surf Bomb’/’Loco Dinosaurio’ is available in 50 pink copies / 50 turquoise and white and the rest in classic black vinyl. 

This is actually the trio’s debut single and 'Surf Bomb' totally owes its soul to The Cramps and other past masters of this surf punk garage ilk.  It sounds huge! Even if the lyrics amount to a ‘Surffffffin’ Bird’ style “Surf Bomb” every now and then that's cool with me as is the no sleeve jukebox big hole set up. Yeah!!! Baby!!! The flip side is more of the same and it’s seriously groovy. You can get your copy here!


Dahlmanns TearThe Dahlmanns - ‘Tear Me Apart’ (Beluga Records)


A female fronted good time rock and roll combo anyone? I bet just like a bunch of meerkats you all sat up and began Googling The Dahlmanns, well let me tell you this band can rock and a roll with the best of them.  They come from a place called Moss and in the past they've worked with the likes of power pop supremo Kurt Baker and Ed Stasium which should give you an indication of the circles these cats hang out in and that's all you need to know as to quite how good this single is. It’s got groove, it's got melody and it's got some fantastic rock and roll guitar playing sure its choc-a-bloc full of clichés from the string bending licks, but you know what, that only adds to the charm and quality of this release because its done so well.  Just buy it and see for yourself.  The B side is like the best of Ian Hunter mixed with some fine backing vocals and Keef ‘n’ Ronnie guitar slashing and good time barroom ivory tinkling that paints a huge smile right across the face of this most excellent single.


Hip PriestsThe Hip Priests / Flash House - ‘Split Single’ (Self Released)


Kings of the wild frontier and owners of the 7" single format The Hip Priests have teamed up with Flash House to bring you their rarest single to date, all pressed on 8" single this time because 7" just wasn't enough to hold this slab of filthy punk rock ‘n’ roll.  The Hip Priests launch it with a sublime slab of noise.  I think it’s fair to say that over the last ten years (more so recently) these gentlemen have owned the Singles Club and never ones to shy away from controversy they've only gone and pressed 50, yup I said 50 copies of this bad boy, and it’s only going to be available at their tenth anniversary shows which considering they have more members of their Spasm Club than records available is the equivalent of throwing a slab of prime meat into a pack of ravenous wild wolves as they fight over who gets their hands on one of these golden tickets. As for the tunes; It's a no brainer that the lead track is a blinder and worthy of becoming The Hip Priests most sought after record but it's also putting Flash House in the shop window and they've added two not too shabby slabs of nasty punked up rock ‘n’ roll in the shape of 'Die Alone' and 'Domestic Hiss'. Now follow this up with an album or more music ya swines.  Single of the month no question about it.


dahl16bThe Dahlmanns - ‘Play It (On Repeat)’ (Pop Detective Records)


Do not adjust your computer screens, it is quite true those bad ass mofos The Dahlmans have gone and released a couple of singles this month, sent through the wires to the Uber Rock Singles Club and if the first one didn't tickle your fancy then go check for a pulse because 'Play It (On Repeat)' is like a modern day Blondie with a bigger hook than Chief Brodie used on that rubber shark.  This is uperb power pop once again but why would I expect anything different?  On the B Side is 'Do You Want Crying', some of you eagle eyed pop tarts will know that this was originally a single for Katrina And The Waves and followed up their hit 'Walking On Sunshine' smash, again its showing the band can rock it up and power pop the shit out of it.  Like it or loathe it The Dahlmanns are bossin this power pop lark and bossing it well! You can get your copy here!


Brian JamesBrian James – ‘Anniversary Waltz’ E.P (Easy Action Records)


Oh boy when this turned up on blue vinyl I almost wet myself because there is no finer noise anywhere than the noise Brian James and Co. throw out. Containing four songs the first is a remodel of 'Sick Of Being Sick' and with all faders pushed up to the max this is one glorious headfuck of a noise. I'm serious when I say that there is no finer noise in music than James and his Telecaster turned up and then hacked and kicked within an inch of its existence - Wow what a take on a classic. Side one is the sound of a nuclear bomb going off about three feet above your head. 'Teenage Rebel' a cover of the Pink Fairies is also unbelievable and if this wasn't good enough Rat “bloody” Scabies turns up to make sure that not even the cock roaches survive 11/10. Flip this single over and there is a very decent take on 'I Said No' which was always one of the finer tunes James wrote on that first solo record. It says on the sleeve to PLAY LOUD! but only do that if you’re of sound mind and body, because this is dangerous! To close this most excellent single there is 'Baby She Crazy' and what a punk rock ‘n’ roll workout it is. Still an inspiration and a leader Brian James is kicking out the jams for sure so don't be an idiot just pick up a copy of this most excellent record without delay from the good folks at Easy Action!


thedeadbeatpoets5 largeDeadbeat Poets – ‘It’s Summertime’ (Pop Detective Records)


Firstly, what a great name the Deadbeat Poets is for a band of power pop tarts who write delicious tunes. 'It's Summertime' is fronted by one time Stiv Bator sidekick Frank Secich so let some sun light into your life with this happy go lucky Beach Boys inspired slab of rock ‘n’ roll. The perfect tune to drop the hood on the car and turn up the stereo as you head for the beach, but if you live in Birmingham (and other land locked cities around the UK) just close your eyes and imagine. 'I'll Be Standing By' is laid back ‘60s inspired and happy go lucky music.  What's not to like about a band that has pedigree and aren't at all deadbeat. Why not give them some love and let their Rickenbacker jangle wash over you. You can get this single via Pop Detective.


BBQTBBQT - ‘Inmate’ (No Front Teeth Records)


Get me some of that dirty filthy rock ‘n’ roll and get it now was my remit for this month’s Singles Club and when I hadn't had anything last month from the wonderful people over at No Front Teeth Records I thought the worst, but fear not this month it’s the usual suspects who deliver the goods and with this cheeky slab of punk rock and roll BBQT are kicking out the jams with a “rough as” guitar sound overdriving a neat back beat. These cats are rocking out and I love it.  If you thought that the A side was rock ‘n’ roll wait until you get an ear full of 'Last Rocker'. Sounding like it’s been found in the pocket of one of Keith Richards’ bellbottom pants he rocked out in over in France when he was kicking out the jams on his epic masterpiece 'Exile On Mains St' this three piece is also shaking their shit down main street with some infectious rock and about as much roll as is humanly possible.  Great single, no doubt about it, and when you see it’s recorded in a place called Fuzz City how can this not be a winner?  New York City really does have it all.


Tenement RatsTenement Rats – ‘Tenement Rats’ (No Front Teeth Records)


This release boasts six songs that are dripping with snot from Tenement Rats a band full of former Gaggers and Radio Hearts members, so if you know your punk rock then you know this is a “must have” release.  As per usual with No Front Teeth Records the release come in different sleeves with different levels of collectability, but once you lay the slab of wax on your record player suddenly everything seems but a distant dream and all that matters is the six songs they've managed to wedge onto these here grooves. Sure it's lo-fi but songs like 'Do The Death Drug' have all the power and passion of very early Clash when they had a raw energy about them. The rawness of the guitars as they hack and slash is a real rush and you want to do your best Iggy Pop and crawl about howling when 'Nerve Gas' suddenly takes hold.  These guys clearly just “get it" whatever that may be, the X Factor is here and these song showcase that. There’s some fantastic titles to contend with here as well 'Baby I'm Nauseous' which sounds exactly as you'd expect it to. 'Cold War Shit Hole' and the excellent 'Crosshairs, Icepick, Arsenic'  Which has a touch of prime UK Subs about it as well as some wild and reckless New York Dolls.


WonkrageWonk Unit / The Raging Nathans - ‘Split Single’ (Drunken Sailor Records)


Batten down the hatches The Raging Nathans are kicking up the proverbial shit storm with their roaring punk rock 'Minneapolis' which is no frills four to the floor heads down let’s go! Then 'Lets Go' is more of the same.  These Ohio punks toured with Lewisham’s favourite sons which would have been one hell of a double header so why not release a split together right? Right! Then press it on limited coloured wax as well as regular black and let Drunken Sailor Records release it. Tidy!

Now Wonk Unit are a band that twist your melon man and have penned far too many fantastic songs for them to remain a secret underground band any more. They have to break overground as soon as.  First seen many years ago playing Slugfest, this is a one/two featuring 'Candy' which is a ragged slab of rock ‘n’ roll that drops sound bombs inside your noggin that will explode randomly and when they do you'll want to listen to Wonk Unit a bit more as Alex and his band of brothers continue their trajectory to world domination.  'We Came Together' is as awkward as it is brilliant as the guitars skank and scratch at the open wound that is the poetry of Alex Johnson - sublime and superb.  I can’t get enough Wonk Unit and I'm not alone here at Uber Rock HQ this single is another reason to champion this most excellent of bands.  Pick one up immediately and you might even catch one of the limited edition colours.  Go! (Dom Daley)


Dead-Days-Liar-LiarDead Days - 'Liar Liar' (Self Released)


Something as infectious as this coming outta the Home Counties would normally be on the back of a house key in some pub toilet, not on a hugely impressive two-track CD. Dead Days are a trio that only formed at the start of this year, yet already exhibit massive potential. 'Liar Liar' is a simply huge track that falls somewhere between American Hi-Fi and FVK minus the Tim Burton obsession.

The modern lilt on classic pop rock has a sugar-coated hook wrapped around it and comes highly recommended by these ears. Oh, and they also have a drummer who sings lead vocals, Andy Sturmer-style. Great stuff.


chambers300Chambers - 'Disappear' (Warren Records)


Forming around a mutual love of grunge and horror, Leeds-based duo, Chambers, play a self-described "Sister Doom" style that, basically, fuses the Royal Blood sound to the alt. rock of Dinosaur Pile-Up and comes up smelling of black roses.

This is dark, brooding, goth-tinged grunge rock that, to me, sounds as good as any other duo currently being spunked over by the higher echelons of the music press. If only they had an angle.


dorja300Dorja - 'Fire' (Self Released)


Dorja is a new all-female outfit featuring members from England, Belgium, Los Angeles, and Kazakhstan. This ambitious project worked on music online for five months before meeting for the first time in LA to work on this, their first tune which is, for all intents and purposes, a demo track.

The song itself may be a little less remarkable than the story of the band's creation but, with its Doro-like vocals and melody-littered hard rock throb, it will certainly hold its own against many a song from more established artists. Ones to look out for, that's for sure. (Gaz Tidey)


And there we must leave things for another packed to the gills edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club. The next time we see you the football season will have started and the autumn will be just around the corner. Until then enjoy what remains of the summer sun and some the truly great music we’ve turned you on to here all pressed up on lovely vinyl!