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Written by Johnny H   
Saturday, 04 May 2013 03:20

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The city centre of Newport in 2013 is a pretty sorry place to be just before 9AM on any morning of the week. But today is Saturday 20th April 2013 and it’s Record Store Day.


Our Price SiteThe sun is just about managing to break through the low April cloud that has been colouring our lives grey for most of the Winter and whilst I stroll past more cash for gold and pound shops than is humanly possible to be crammed into one street on my way to a cash point, I take a few minutes to ponder my time spent working in Our Price, in Commercial St. The site now boasting a Greggs hypermarket, that sells probably about as many pasties as we used to sell Mr Blobby singles to probably by and large the same target market, and the irony of this really isn’t lost on me.


RSD queueMy time spent with the chain with a name was a period in my life I look back on with mixed emotions, I joined at the time when chart shops ruled the world, and I left just as vinyl was being finally being declared dead and buried, something I never believed to be true and something that Record Store Day once again disproves a million times over. And whilst my previous employer has long since shuffled off this moral coil, along with local indie record shops like Roxcene and Hitman, one or two constants have remained within Newport’s record buying (black) circle community, these being Kriminal Records (formerly known as Rockaway) based on the ground floor in Newport Market and Diverse Music just around the corner from my old shop up the steep hill known as Charles Street that once was the main drag into Newport’s once thriving high street. A high street that today looks like the twenty first century soundtrack to The Specials seminal track ‘Ghost Town’.


Anyway enough reminiscing, today is all about the power of the Long Player (and in some cases the 7” single) so I, just like in previous years find myself outside of Diverse along with around 20 odd other hardy souls all looking for our very own bit of bootie from within a list of over 450 exclusive releases.




Letting people into their shop in 10’s was definitely a good shout from the Diverse gang this year as just twelve months ago the same place resembled a scene from the Boxing Day’s sales on Oxford St. This year with the releases perhaps taking more of a reissue stance than in previous years (well in my chosen genre of rock/metal it did anyway) there was not such a free for all, and for that I’m eternally thankful, as it gives you more of chance to talk to the people around you and genuinely network with like minded people as we have in previous years. It’s like speed dating over vinyl, and before you say it - it is not all blokes. Admittedly not everyone has the same impeccable taste in music as yours truly (my list of purchases), but when handing a Biffy Clyro 7” over to a guy in the queue behind me, the smile on his face spoke volumes as he quickly snatches it out of my hand like a child on Christmas morning getting that present they’ve waited all year for.


RSD The RulesTell me you get the same buzz from downloading music legally or otherwise and I’ll tell you that you are a fucking moron. - This is what music buying is all about.


And for yours truly this time around, my buzz was all about picking up copies of the following;


Misfits/The Lemonheads - Skulls 7” Picture Disc

Poison Idea -’Filthkick’ EP 7” Red Vinyl

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ 7” White Vinyl

David Bowie - ‘Drive-In Saturday’ 7” Picture Disc

Sex Pistols - ‘Pretty Vacant Country & Western Live ’08’ 7”

UFO - ‘Live ‘N’ Ready’ 7” Clear Vinyl

Suede - ‘Barriers/Animal Nitrate’ 7”

The Rolling Stones – ‘Five By Five’ 7”

Rival Sons - ‘Manifest Destiny’ 10” Picture Disc

Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes - ‘Self Titled’ 12”

Primal Scream – ‘RSD Exclusive’ 12”

Mad Season - ‘Above’ 2xLP


Diverse OuterRifling through the specially set up racks set aside for Record Store Day releases trying desperately to find a copy of The Night Marchers/Mrs Magician split 7” (a record I did not find, so if anyone has a spare drop me a line ta!) it was heart warming to see that people were also taking the time to browse the extensive selection of LPs that Diverse carry Monday to Saturday fifty two weeks of the year, that’s because whilst Record Store Day is an essential part of my music buying calendar it certainly doesn’t mean I won’t be back in a week or two to see what else Matt and the guys have to offer me, I just hope it will mean the same for some of the newer faces that surround me, because the Diverse guys along with EVERY independent record store in the UK deserve your support as music buyers, so let’s never ever forget that.


Click the links below – get involved, and I’ll see you next time for a more regular edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club.