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Written by Johnny H & Jamie Richards   
Sunday, 29 April 2012 05:05

With the whole Uber Rock Singles club idea pretty much conceived during a mammoth session of vinyl buying on Record Store Day 2011, it was a total no brainer that we should once again return to the event that unites us all as music lovers, to pay tribute to our local Independent record emporiums.  And what better way to capture the day than through the eyes of two and a bit uber rockers giving their different view points of what this all important date in your average music junkie's calendar really means to them.





Saturday 21st April 2012 - Record Store Day



Johnny H


06:30am I'm up good and early to complete the Uber Rock site updates ahead of a very busy morning.


08:30 I make one last check of the Record Store Day website and check my list of items that I want from today's exclusive releases.  Which leaves just enough time to do my hair before I finally set sail for Newport where my local store Diverse Music is opening at 09:30 AM.


RSD_Newport09:15 As I park the car up around the corner from Charles St in Newport where Diverse is situated, I suddenly get a text from Dom Daley asking me if I can get him an Iggy Pop 7" and a copy of The Gallon Drunk 7" if they have any spare, as in Derricks Record's way out West in Swansea it's apparently bedlam, and my fellow friend the needle can't get a copy of either.  As I leave the car bathed in some welcome rays of early spring sunshine I think to myself "ahhh that won't happen in Newport it's always quiet here, the last 2 years have had relatively karmic qualities on my obsessive compulsive tendencies", so I idly text him back "no probs will see what I can do".


09:30 Okay - I'm not liking the look of this, some other people walking in the same direction as me have sussed I'm heading towards Diverse and we are all starting to slowly gather our pace, this is getting bloody stupid, and by the time I've turned into Charles St itself I'm almost jogging up the fucking hill. I finally arrive at the old wooden door that is the entrance to my musical Aladdin's cave slightly out of breath and I'm faced with what can only be described as an orgy of manic music buying.  "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! - Has Francis Maude declared overnight that people had better keep a couple of 7"s in their garage just in case we have a Record Store strike sometime soon - and I've missed it?


Whatever is going on here I must admit that whilst as always I fully enjoyed catching up with some old mates, all chuffed to bits to have picked up their T Rex and Bowie exclusives, the fact that today was more akin to a January sale on Oxford St rather than the get together of like minded people it has been in previous years actually took some of the shine off proceedings a little.  It also didn't help that some daft fucker had scheduled Cardiff City's last home game of the season for a 12:30 kick off so where as I might have dipped out after my initial purchases and then returned for a second flick through that just wasn't an option today.


IMAG028309:45 Anyway, after some skilful position jockeying followed by some frantic flicking and one or two of those wonderful "shall I/shan't I?" moments that only come when you find a true gem within a vinyl stash, I hit the Diverse tills with the following exclusives burning the words "No Regrets" into my subconscious as I watch the till total slowly mount up.


Metallica - 'Beyond Magnetic' 12"  (I have everything by them on vinyl)

The Cult - For The Animals 7" Pic Disc (I want to hear their new stuff)

MC5/Afrika Bambaataa - Kick Out The Jams 7" Splatter Vinyl (No brainer)

David Bowie - 'Starman' 7" Pic Disc (It's a curio and Mrs H loves him)

OST - 'Dracula AD 1972' 7" (It's a curio and I love these film tie in releases)

OST - 'The Wicker Man' 7" Coloured Vinyl (Ditto)

Richard Hell - 'Blank Generation' 7" (Oh do I have to explain this one?)

Dead Boys - 'Sonic Reducer' 7" (Ditto)

Ramones - 'Blitzkrieg Bop' 7" (Ditto)

Deep Purple - 'Smoke On The Water' 7" Coloured Vinyl (Shall I/Shan't I????)

Marilyn Manson - 'No Reflection' 7" Coloured Vinyl (Ditto The Cult)

Sex Pistols - 'Anarchy In The UK' 7" Pic Disc (Ditto Metallica)

Iggy Pop - 'I'm Bored' 7" Coloured Vinyl (sorry Dom it was the only one they had)

And The Clash - 'London Calling' 7" (Umm Ditto most of the ones above)


IMAG0286With the voice in my head giving me a self gratifying pat on the back for each purchase (as above) I almost fall over as the total of £100 is reached on the till.  "What was I thinking? - Mrs H will kill me - even with the Bowie sweetener!!" Well she won't but that's the bad cop, or as you might call it, the "sensible" side of my brain making me feel bad about this bumper bootie bag purchase.  Then suddenly almost without a whisper I part with my Century and I'm out the door totally forgetting to see if the Gallon Drunk release Dom wanted was tucked away within the racks I just couldn't get anywhere near anyway...."Balls"


So as Dom headed North, I headed West, both of us intent on feeding our other addiction - Football, which after both of us having already got one of our monkeys off our backs today seemed positively decadent.... I promise via text to pop into Spillers in Cardiff to see if they have any copies my mid afternoon fixture is finished.


10:00 - 16:59 Non music related matters- and we have no place for them on Uber Rock.


17:00 In something of a post match daze I stumble into Spillers in Cardiff, to find a shop that has very little if any of the exclusive titles left - rumours have been floating around all day of people queuing from 2AM that morning so I'm hardly surprised the place looks so barren.  I'm not going to get a Gallon Drunk 7" here am I, so I head back to the solace of a local watering hole totally unaware of what was about to happen next as my Record Store Day was about to end in what one can only describe as "lager frenzy. Thankfully for Uber Rock however someone a little more clued in and with less of a drink problem than I was already on the case, so here's the story of what happened next......



Jamie Richards


RSD_HFSI'll admit, my vinyl addiction is not on the same level as Mr H or Mr Daley's, but that's not to say Record Store Day doesn't resonate deep within me. I see the enthusiasm of others and it reminds me of my teenage years when I would regularly spend Saturday's riding a Red & White bus down to the capital, where I would scour the shelves of Spillers Records for 12" singles that had long since been discontinued, or maybe even more exciting a Japanese imported album! But this Record Store Day would once again see me hot foot it into Cardiff, because the oldest record shop in the world was marking the occasion by hosting a special in store appearance from one of the most exciting new bands on the circuit, Henry's Funeral Shoe. 


At 6PM sharp (well it had been a long day for the people of Spillers Records - just read H Bombz itinerary above for proof of that) the Clifford brothers plugged in and showed the thirty or so music fans that had hung around, or who were clued in enough to have just turned up, that there really isn't anything wrong with a little thump and grind! Thoughtfully dedicating the set to the recently deceased Levon Helm, Aled Clifford cranks up his Stratocaster, and fires out the opening bars of 'Don't Lose the Rhythm'. It's a dis-service to call this duo simply guitarist and drummer, such is the virtuosity and command each of these brothers holds over their chosen instrument. Aled, with the help of a modest assortment of effects pedals expertly coaxes all manner of sounds from his six strings, as younger sibling Brennig drives the sound relentlessly forward with his faultlessly energetic faultless percussion.


HFS_live'Down the Line' is barnstorming, in fact it almost shakes the very modest amount of left over limited Record Store Day releases from the shelves, Aled introduces the highly infectious groove of 'Dog Scratched Ear' with a tongue in cheek apology for its' inclusion on a recent US commercial starring Charlie Sheen; no apology needed, it's a great song that deserves to be heard. The motley assortment of vinyl hugging anoraks, left over shoppers and Spillers staff still left standing all show their hearty appreciation, as the lads deliver a forty minute set that's sweeter than Barry Island rock to a close with a sharp one two of 'Be Your Own Invention' and a furious version of 'Stranger Dig'.


Two very talented, humble and appreciative artists then thank us all for turning up before mingling, shaking hands and signing albums (one of which you can win in our exclusive competition below). These boys' very own brand of rhythm and bruise is a joy to witness and I can't wait to see them again. Eventually we're ushered out into the fresh early evening air, and we head for the sanctuary of the City Arms and its' wonderful selection of real ales, where we drink, grin widely and generally eulogise about the world being Henry's Funeral Shoe's oyster.


Oh how we all love Record Store Day...'till 2013 then everyone.


But wait - there's more....Johnny H


In a kind of postscript to all of this excitement, all day Sunday the collector in me just couldn't accept that I hadn't managed to browse everything that I could have on the Saturday morning (see I told you I had a problem). So I returned to Diverse Music early the following next week to pick through the bones of what was left from the carnage, and blow me down if I didn't go and spend another sizeable chunk of money of releases from The Icarus Line and Pete Townshend. Now safe in the knowledge that I had finally exhausted my purchasing options I returned home with my orange bag of delights (and now finally able to sleep at night), only to find my all new coloured vinyl copy of the JD & the FDCs split 7" single with Acey Slade And The Dark Party had just been delivered too.


God I love vinyl, I really do, but remember this shit is for life not just for Record Store Day.... See you at a Singles Club meeting soon and get clicking on the links at the bottom of this page!!!!!



HFS_vinylWin a signed copy of Henry's Funeral Shoe's 'Donkey Jacket' LP + more vinyl goodies.


To celebrate that fact we all love vinyl here at URHQ, we are offering up a signed copy of Henry's Funeral Shoe's 'Donkey Jacket' on limited edition vinyl to one lucky Uber Rock reader.


All you have to do is send an email headed 'VINYL COMP' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your name and address and answer to the following question:


What was the first vinyl single that you bought?


All entries have to be in by midnight on May 6th and the coolest reply in the eyes of the URHQ team gets to win the coveted piece of 'Donkey Jacket' vinyl, however we do also have some other vinyl gems from The DeRellas and The Disconnects and Crazy & The Brains to give away to runners up so get your thinking caps on and send us your answers NOW!!!!!  -  Note: all of the usual Uber Rock competition terms and conditions apply.