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Written by Rich Hobson   
Tuesday, 25 April 2017 16:47

As the May Bank Holiday draws near, Leicester is set to go off with Handmade Festival returning to the city for its fourth year. Pulling together a line-up culled from the very best British bands and artists currently on the circuit, the 2017 iteration of the festival has many a great act to get you in the summer spirit ahead of Festival Season. But, where to start? With a handy Über Rock guide, of course...


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Must See Acts @ Handmade Festival - Saturday 29 April


Puppy (4:30pm @ Academy)


There are few bands in the world (let alone the UK rock community) that can boast the sonic duality of Puppy. Combining the epic metallic instrumentation of post-‘Black’ album Metallica and warming pop sensibilities that could be lifted right from the genius noggin of Billy Corgan, Puppy sit as one of the most highly-anticipated bands currently on the circuit. Having recently opened for similarly hotly-tipped bands Milk Teeth and Creeper on a (mostly sold-out) UK tour, Handmade Festival offers a rare opportunity to catch this band just as they’re getting started.


FFO: Weezer, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins






Baba Naga (5pm @ Academy 2)


In a line-up stacked with some of the finest British punk, post-grunge and pop leaning acts in the land, Baba Naga stick out like a sore thumb. More at home at the likes of Desert Fest or Roadburn, Baba Naga inhabit a space of spiritualized stoner groove, drawing on elements as diverse as psychedelia and doom for a monster mamajam. How well the band’s epic-length songs will translate into a half-hour festival slot remains to be seen, but we’re confident these guys will leave you wanting more.


FFO: Gonga, Vodun, Bong





Soeur (5:30pm @ Cave)


Stripping back alt rock to its barest bones, Soeur cite the likes of Shellac, PJ Harvey and Nirvana as influences whilst boasting a sound which could easily bring to mind Queens of the Stone Age, such is its quintessence to rock. Muscular yet intimate, the sound of Soeur is as pure as you could hope to find, perfectly demonstrated by the 2017 EP ‘What Separates Us’, a four-track demonstration of just how deep this band can get.


FFO: Queens of the Stone Age, Honeyblood, Vault of Eagles





Muncie Girls (7:30pm @ Academy)


The hype you can find around Muncie Girls is well deserved, as the band offer a sweet take on the American indie sound, bringing to mind the likes of early Tegan and Sara or An Horse. Decidedly higher on the melancholia scale than anger, the band’s brand of punk-tinged yearning bridges the gap between pogo-inducing energy and pop-punk relatability. With plenty of buzz about the band, it’s fair to say you might want to get to the venue early if you want to get a good spot for these.


FFO: Tegan and Sara, An Horse, The Menzingers





Demob Happy (8pm @ Academy 2)


There’s no denying that the 90s sound is very much back in vogue, which makes it all the more vital for each band mining this vein to shine out from the crowd. Demob Happy achieve this admirably, combining the heavy-psychedelia tones of ‘Bleach’-era Nirvana to the twisted pop sensibility of Britpop or Beck-style alternative. Jangly and punky with a refined pop edge, Demob are sure to make plenty of waves when they hit the Academy 2.


FFO: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Beck, Pixies





Pulled Apart By Horses (8:30pm @ Academy)


A little over a month from the release of their latest album ‘The Haze’, Pulled Apart By Horses land in Leicester to offer up some primo alt rock goodness. By taking the blueprint of ‘90s style neo-psychedelia and fusing it to bouncing Britpop-ish melodies (think “working class Blur”), throwing in some truly acrobatic riffs on the side, Pulled Apart By Horses have earned reputable status as one of the UK’s most promising rock acts.


FFO: Ash, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Royal Blood





Twin Atlantic (10:05pm @ Academy)


Closing the Saturday night of Handmade 2017, you best believe Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic will be ready to end the party with a bang. Fresh from touring the brilliant 2016 album ‘GLA’, the band will be bringing their frenetic riff-happy brand of rock n roll to Leicester’s O2 Academy as they look to emulate the success of fellow Scottish alt rockers Biffy Clyro. Expect massive sing-alongs, plenty of bouncing and more than a few spilled pints.


FFO: Biffy Clyro, Kasabian, Audioslave





Handmade Festival is hosted in Leicester from Friday (28 April) to Sunday (30 April). Tickets are still available.


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