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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 30 April 2016 02:00



It’s always quality over quantity here at The Uber Rock Singles Club, and this month we have some traditional records made of plastic mixing company with some digital only singles, the genres swaying from traditional rock & roll to punk rock & roll. This month’s selections certainly are a mixed bag (which I like) with even some Goth remakes rubbing shoulders with new kids on the block. This means one thing though The Uber Rock Singles Club is never a boring affair that’s for sure.


CompulsionsThe Compulsions - ‘Revolution’ (ITunes)


Okay I’m going to start this month with not your conventional singles club release, but hey we have to move with the times to make sure we hear Rob Carlisle and The Compulsions as they release these three most diverse of songs via iTunes. Three songs that all feature Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal on guitar. A far out version of 'Revolution' is the lead track with some very nice lead guitar breaks it must be said, and in fairness it is a very decent arrangement with some very nice keys accompanying this opener. Next up is a take on KISS’ 'Shock Me' again the playing is mighty fine (as you'd expect), however the vocals going through the old treatment box is a little weird and not what I was expecting at all but it’s still better than Gene or Paul (even though Ace Frehley sang this song originally eh Dom: Uber Ed). The final offering is by far the tastiest here with 'Fascination Street' by The Cure being given a sleazy late night make over and well worth checking out it is too. These releases are being staggered in their availability and I've no doubt the purists will listen with mouth's wide open at Rob's interpretations, but hey go listen to the originals if you just want to mimic them.


ManiacManiac - ‘Midnight Kino’ (Modern Action Records)


Maniac sit somewhere between Cyanide Pills and The Stitches and the excellent band are back in your face with a tasty 7" slab o’ wax featuring two tracks. The A side ‘Midnight Kino’ is a furious two and a half minutes of aural pleasure that is perfectly crafted power pop covered in snot, just the way Uber Rock likes it. The B side is 'Precision Accuracy' with its in your face tempo sounding like an army marching with purpose. These two tracks will stomp all over you and leave you craving more, more, more! Buy steal or borrow (nah not really just click the link above and buy) it. These hungry Maniac cats will need to eat too.


Jim JonesJim Jones & The Righteous Mind - ‘Aldecide’ (Raygun Records)


Released on 10" ectoplasm green vinyl (or your normal black) this brand new two track outing from the irrepressible Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind hits all the right notes with us here at The Uber Rock Singles Club. Lead track, 'Aldecide', is a heaving, throbbing ivory tinkling beast, whilst 'Alpha Shit' sounds more like a wigged out rock and roll barroom brawl and of course we love it. Why on God’s green earth wouldn't we love it? It’s the bastard child of everything good that’s passed before it. This is wild reckless abandonment all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll - yeah alright! Pick up your copy HERE!


BuckleyJeff Buckley - ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’ (Sony Legacy)


Yet more posthumous material from the Boy Buckley. This time a haunting take on The Smiths’ tune ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’, with a weird arrangement and melody this still sounds immediately like Jeff Buckley and err, Morrissey funnily enough. Curious that it should come out on 7" vinyl in support of the ‘You And I’ album but hey I ain't complaining.

However I will say maybe this is the last of the songs Sony could possibly pillage from under the boy’s bed, it surely must be bare by now.


gaggersThe Gaggers - ‘Don't Follow Me’ (No Front Teeth)


Not long after their demise, The Gaggers are back! Okay so that might not be strictly true but the good folks at No Front Teeth have decided to bestow upon us this two track 7” of previously unreleased material. Beginning with the much more restrained, it must be said, 'Don't Follow Me' perfectly capturing its melodic intent, and dare I suggest, illustrating the softer side to the band. Flip this bad boy over and '1000 Miles Per Hour' follows suit. No 1000 miles per hour drum beat, no frantic unbridled riffage, this is another side of The Gaggers for sure, and I love it. Recorded in January 2016 and released whilst the plates were still hot let’s hope this beast gets raised from the dead every now and again and flogged hard. Well if it sounds this good anyway. This is brilliant!


DefibrillatorsThe Defibrillators - ‘Sin, Degradation, Insanity, Debauchery - The Truth About The Defibrillators’ (Self Released)


Having had close experience with a defibrillator I feel perfectly qualified to handle this here CD single of the band going by the name of The Defibrillators. Thing is just the life saving machine the band also packs a fairly hefty kick to the chest if I'm honest. 'Red Eyes Fish' is the lead track and fuck I dunno what they are on about either, but I do know this is a mighty fine slab of fucked up fuzzy guitars guttural vocals and pounding rhythm in a most honourable way. In fact it sounds just like Brother Wayne used to play in the MC5. It’s a vibe and kicking attitude that is carried throughout all four tracks on this EP to varying degrees of success. Cool stuff and only 5 euros over on their Bandcamp page it’s a worthwhile investment. What’s keeping you?


Plastic TearsPlastic Tears - ‘Rhythm Rider’ (Star Trash Recordings)


Three tracks on plastic, but not yer wax vinyl, nah, this single is CD and features three tracks from the Scando rockers Plastic Tears. There is an elephant in the room from the off with these boys and that’s Hanoi Rocks. it was evident on their last album and it’s here in the verses of lead track ‘Rhythm Rider’, but that’s cool folks because they were after all the finest band of the last 35 years so why the hell not? For me though 'Universal Kid' is the better of the two original tracks on offer here and has plenty of life in its verse/chorus/verse structure and again the tip of the Hanoi hat is there in the chorus. To wind this bad boy up the Tears have gone for a straight cover of The Boys’ classic 'Brickfield Nights' and a fine tribute it is too. I never get bored of hearing anyone take on a Boys’ song and this one is very decent. Visit the band’s Bandcamp page to pick up your fix.


rotjochRotjoch - ‘Nobody Knows’ (Self Released)


Rotjoch hail from the Netherlands and this four track EP led by 'Nobody Knows' opens with a fairly bland up-tempo rock and roll number, the kind you'd hear in a bar on a Sunday afternoon. It’s inoffensive and easy on the ear. 'Silly Questions' is like a tip of the hat to the likes of The Selecter or The Beat. If you’re not confused enough the third song is an all-out punk rock by numbers SLF tribute and to finish up we have an unoriginal romp called 'We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore'. Which is probably the pick out of the four tracks on offer here, containing as it does some decent playing from the four piece.


jackscratch2Jack Scratch - ‘If Only’ (Another Bam Bam Recording)


Straight out of Chicago come Jack Scratch, with a very polished four tracks of cock rock ‘n’ roll. With a line up featuring more people than a school room register, 'Do That For' contains gang vocals on the chorus that are a four pack of strong beer away from being a really decent offering. The playing is great but that little something is missing from what is otherwise a solid EP. 'If Only’ is certainly a step in the right direction though. However I wasn't sure about the title when I first read 'Hey Wah Nee Hey Ho' and after playing it several times I'm still not convinced. The band do however finish with a flurry as 'Gotta' which motors along at a decent tempo, but the EP just sort of passes me by each time I give it a whirl. You can pick up a copy of ‘If Only’ via the band’s webstore.


Wayne HusseyWayne Hussey - ‘Marian’ (EyesWideShut Recordings)


A double A Side RSD 2016 7” single from The Mission frontman and main protagonist Wayne Hussey. If the A side sounds familiar to Sisters Of Mercy fans then fear not goth fans because Wayne has indeed dug deep into his back catalogue to conjure up a reworked and re-recorded solo version of this dark classic. Far slower than the original it all sounds quite menacing with the use of the piano stripped bare. Although released to coincide with record store day it is also available from The Mission’s webstore whilst stocks last.


Hung Like JackHung Like Jack - ‘She’s Not Dead’ (Self Released)


Aggressive in yer face hard rockin' Darlington based mofos Hung Like Jack are back with a new single called ‘She’s Not Dead’ which boasts a decent hook on the chorus that will appeal to fans of The Wildhearts and Therapy? alike.


The great thing about this is it's available free on Soundcloud (along with a couple of the band’s other tracks) which is never a bad thing. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now folks by following this link.


So there we have it folks, the April edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club came complete with just one RSD 2016 release unequivocally proving once again that there is life in Record Shops around the UK other than on just one Saturday in April every year. See you next month, same place same time for some extreme fun with 7” and 12” plastic discs.