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Written by Johnny H   
Sunday, 20 April 2014 04:00

With the cash tills of independent record shops still echoing countywide following yesterday’s latest Record Store Day, I thought I’d take the opportunity to use this April edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club to shine the spotlight on a host of other new releases from the likes of Los Pepes, Mantar, The Gaggers, The Plain Dealers, Autonomes and Louise Distras to remind us all that buying vinyl isn’t just a once a year thing.


Whatever your opinion on Record Store Day (I still enjoy the thrill of the chase it creates but I also happen to think it’s kind of lost its purpose and direction) the one thing without question that the releases said event dishes out certainly clogs up the system for us collectors who don’t necessarily want to purchase overpriced reissues of heavy metal and punk albums that were already available in the months leading up to the event. As a result if you don’t hear from me and Dom for a little while you will know why. In the meantime though let’s simply enjoy some great new music pressed up on 7” vinyl.


a2306736625 10'Tonight' the all new 4 track yellow vinyl 7" from Los Pepes certainly gets this April edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club off to a flying start. We've already said great things about Ben Perrier's powerpop vehicle here on Uber Rock and with this latest release on the ever wonderful Wanda Records they pretty much cement their pole position as one of the most exciting new rock bands we have here in the UK right now. 'Too Late Too Late' along with 'Tonight' make up the A side and both are the type of frantic buzzsaw guitar pop that gives Dom Daley morning wood – most mornings it has to be said. Likewise flip this blighter over and 'Unknown' sounds like a near perfect slab of NYC guitar pop from around ‘77 whilst 'Somebody Else' jets back over the Atlantic around about the same time period and lands firmly in the bedrooms of Shelley and Devoto. Los Pepes currently lay claim to being "possibly the loudest powerpop band on Earth!" which might be debatable, what is without question though is that they are without question the best powerpop band in the UK to feature the amazingly talented Perrier. Now let’s have the album guys!


MantarA band that have already impressed the hell out of me this year with their debut album release (Death By Burning’) are German duo Mantar, a band whose music is as heavy and as black as this limited to 222 7" pressing of the wonderful pairing of 'White Nights' and 'Spit' both taken from the aforementioned debut album..... Here though both tracks take on a whole new dimension pressed onto vinyl with the bass rumble of both tunes strong enough to flatten tall buildings caught anywhere within its epicentre. This is - as I’ve said before - some seriously heavy shit that sounds even more awesome cut at 33 1/3 rpm with the very so slight crackle of needle static in the background. Be quick though as this single is lightly to sell like proverbial doom laced hotcakes.


GaggersNext up and in almost direct contrast musically we have another great double whammy of releases from the UK’s No Front Teeth Records with the latest 2 tracker from London glunkaholics The Gaggers fast out of the blocks and providing the almost perfect soundtrack to the recent blast of good weather we have been enjoying here in the UK. A side 'Instant Low' is the the type of top down anthem that every self-respecting music fan will want blasting from their car stereo...albeit the car they really should be driving is a Jaguar E Type. The art rock bass rumble that introduces B side 'Gagging For You' then totally catches me unawares sounding as it does not unlike and at their prime Banshees, Terminal Gagger is certainly no Siouxsie in the vocal department though and pretty soon the angsty chorus is shaking me by the lapels demanding I freak the fuck out. Also of special mention here is the under produced nature of this B side, the drums in particular sounding like boxes, but still even with that in mind it all sounds so God damn perfect.


Plain DealersThe second of the No Front Teeth releases this time around is a 2 track 33 1/3 cut 7" from The Plain Dealers, and whilst I myself might be playing catch up with this band from Cleveland Ohio this bad boy once unleashed from the straightjacket that is its uber cool plastic sleeve is simply a record that every glunk fan must own. Featuring 'Terminal Darkness' and flipide 'Die With Me', both are immense slices of glam punk recalling images of the legendary Thunders (A side) Hanoi Rocks (B side) UK tour of ’84. This is a band who simply reek of class. I need to hear more from The Plain Dealers and I need to hear it now! Please remember though that if you want a slice of either of these No Front Teeth releases you better get in there quick because when these boys are gone they really are gone.


BJR 7Talking of John Anthony Genzale, Jr, the legend that was gets a more than fitting tribute from one of his old bandmates on the recently released double A side white vinyl single from the constantly evolving Bermondsey Joyriders. Here the lads from Sarf Laaandahn couple 'Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being' with their doff of the baker boy cap to Brian Jones, via 'Brian Jones (The Real True Leader Of The Rolling Stones), and a mighty impressive (limited to 300) 7" it is too. Both tracks are absolute belters. However for me it is the tribute to Jones that slightly shades it sonically thanks to the use of some emotionally charged gospel backing vocals. I'm certainly expecting to hear great things from Lammin, Stacey and Musto when the 'Flamboyant Thugs' release their third Joyriders' album on May 26th, oh and as I understand it neither of these tracks are on that album making this Fuel Records released slab of wax an even more essential purchase. Especially for all us completists out there.


AutonomesUp next for anyone with a penchant for anything Welsh punk rock related from the late seventies/early eighties you should beg borrow or steal a copy of the 12 track double 7" from Sketty punks Autonomes. Released by Punkhouse Records and limited to 100 copies this is a staggeringly brilliant time capsule for anyone who loved or still loves the early days of the 2nd wave of UK punk rock. Boasting the teenage bass talents of one Stephen 'Haggis' Harris there is an obvious potential crossover angle for curious fans of his later bands, but tracks like 'Rama-Lama Bootleg' owe more to the likes of SLF than BOC, so beware if you like your music more hard rock orientated. Lovingly reproduced in a series of limited camouflage material outer sleeves it’s amazing how awesome tracks like 'Autonomes' and 'Do The Stormtrooper' sound. In fact if I’m totally honest at times when listening to this release I'm half expecting it to be a replay of The Alarm/The Poppy Fields rock n roll swindle with me at the centre of the joke. This release though is certainly no laughing matter in fact it’s an absolute riot. Seriously the Autonomes are without doubt the best band to ever come out of Jackland and that’s a fucking FACT.


Louise Distras new 7Our final 7” in this April 2014 edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club is actually not released until 12th May, but Louise Distras has somehow managed to steal a yard on the 600+ releases that came out yesterday by pressing this limited to 250 on blood red and white vinyl on her own Street Revolution Records via Pirates Press. So what the hell? Let’s drop the needle on this 3 tracker and celebrate the true 12 months of the year punk rock spirit that was first picked up on by Record Store Day, well before it became the day of overpriced rereleases it has recently turned into. With both ‘Love Me The Way I Am’ and B side ‘Bullets’ having been lifted from Louise’s 2013 ‘Dreams From The Factory Floor’ this is great opportunity to finally hear her music pressed on vinyl. Plus the previously unreleased remix ‘Love Me The Way I Am’ along with the Scottish LGBT helpline this release is helping raise awareness of is a nice touch too. Look if you’ve not heard Distras yet long for the days when Billy Brag wrote songs from the heart and Brody Dalle still had a bit of spunk about her then this 7” (along with Louise’s album) is most definitely the release for you, make no mistake.


Until the next time then people, and in the meantime let’s enjoy the not so overpriced new music of this edition of The Uber Rock Singles Club and the few non reissues that RSD gifted us with this time around.