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Written by Jack Russell   
Friday, 19 March 2010 06:00

whenforeverdiesLong-time fans and casual observers of Toronto metal band Scarlet Sins were sent into a state of shock following the unexpected decision of its members to part ways during the composition of what would have been the band's second album in November 2009.

It seemed to many of us like the act was maximizing its potential right when the plug got pulled. I personally was heartbroken, not merely to hear of the split of a cutting edge band in whose arc I had taken an interest, but then to learn that it had NOT been caused by the members fighting over me (the substance of that rumour turns out to be a dream I had).

Sylvya NuVynska, the Sins towering lead vocalist and bassist Tanya Nicklaus weren't ready to give up collaborating. After much time spent soul-searching they have returned with a band they have launched together called When Forever Dies.

Scarlet Sins' members branch out? Potentially this not only means that the arc of one of Toronto's most beloved metal acts continues but that it will likely expand. Wow! I think I just creamed myself!

Having already begun composing and recording demo tracks in wake of Sins' sudden split, a recording is in the offing. Producer Rich Chycki (who has worked with Rush and Aerosmith) is already on board to produce their debut album.

A track entitled 'What Have You Become?' is making the rounds and the word is that it is hot, with a more metallic edge.