Motley Crue - 'The Spirit Of Buenos Aires' DVD (Showtime) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 07:30

motleydvdStrutting round the globe on their Crue Fest tour (ok, South America and North America), Da Crue have decided to unleash on the world a DVD of a show from Argentina.


So what, big deal, I hear you cry, but hang on a mojo peeps because - at last - this is worth watching. I kid you not. Zero extras, not the flashiest DVD of a live concert and Vince Neil doing his best Vic Reeves pub singer style voice for the entire performance but, that aside, this DVD is quality. 


Ok, so Mick Mars looks like some vamp skeleton who moves like Parker off Thunderbirds and Nikki Sixx looks like the doppelganger Matthew what's his face from the 80's but Tommy Lee still looks good and plays like a motherfucker on the biggest bass drum you will ever see.


So what's so special about this DVD then, I hear you ask? Well, it's a performance that gets played out to an absolute downpour on the stage but the band crack on regardless of the problems playing in a monsoon rainfall might bring, and it somehow lifts the band and certainly the audience.....if a South American audience needs lifting.


After about two songs the heavens open big time and the band get the most almighty drenching ever captured. It's captivating and compulsive viewing as the Crue rip through a set of old and new for the crazy wet bastards of Buenos Aires. The highlight is 'Red Hot' and Tommy Lee looking like the cat who got the cream - oh and Vince 'pub singer styley' Neil realising his mic has packed in with the rain, yet I'm sure I can hear his vocals on the chorus of 'Don't Go Away Mad'?!?!?! 


Anyway, apart from Vince being unable to string a cohesive sentence together - which does get a little annoying - and Nikki obviously suffering from the conditions with some clumsy playing (it all adds to the overall enjoyment, I guess) this isn't as slick as the Cruefest DVD release, and has none of the other bands that feature on that DVD, but it's great to watch what is undoubtedly one of rock and metal's greatest surviving phenomena getting on with the job regardless and making the most of it to turn in what looked like an incredible performance under such conditions. If you get the chance check it out, it's worth it, honestly!