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Written by Dom Daley, Martin Haslam & Johnny H   
Sunday, 27 March 2016 04:00



With Record Store Day 2016 fast approaching The Uber Rock Singles Club has one final purge of 7”, 10”, 12” and (shudder) digital singles we’ve been sent these past four weeks. Spinning the black circles this time around are Dom Daley, Martin Haslam and Johnny H and amongst the bands they will be covering you’ll find the likes of Jesse Malin, Dead On The Wire, Toilet Boys Featuring Boy George plus many, many more. So, sit back, relax, pour yourselves a libation of your choice and let Dom and Co. take you to the vinyl frontier......


uk subsUK Subs - ‘Peel Sessions Volume 3’ (Captain Oi!)


This is the third and final instalment from Captain Oi! of the UK Subs recorded at the BBC on teyh John Peel Show around 1978-79, and this time around it’s five tracks on the one 7" white vinyl for me, with the tracks being; 'Killer', 'Crash Course', 'Lady Esquire', 'I.O.D' and 'Emotional Blackmail'.  I'm not sure the band have ever been as collectable as they are now with the final album just around the corner. Captain Oi have always been supporters of the Subs and it is well worth getting in touch with the label to see if they have any copies left of these highly collectible records.


toad and theToads Of The Short Forest – ‘The Wind Up Bird’ (Beluga Records)


Sure Toads Of The Short Forest is a weird name but when you spin their black circle you'll start to get it.  With the Farfisa organ whirling away these guys are living in a retro world and it’s a classic 45.  The B side too is made up of a moody slab of psychedelia with a spot on sound and arrangement. Hailing from Sweden these Toads are groovy baby, and taking their name from a Frank Zappa song they will immediately endear themselves to fans of the king of weirdness. You can get yourself a copy via Beluga Records.


the brandedThe Branded - ‘Come On Over’ (Beluga Records)


Also available on Beluga Records and pressed on a really snotty green slab of 7" plastic this garage shindig by The Branded really is kicking out the jams.  'Come On Over' is a great introduction to the band of retro noise bringers, and iis a fine slab of noise with some great trashy backing vocals supporting a dirty fuzzed up lead voice these guys nail it.  Flip it over for yet more party tuneage with 'Rock Rock Hurrigane' shaking its shit all over the gaff, this is very old school with a great solo and vibe about it. ‘Come On Over’ is a really good single from The Branded.


international swingers gun controlThe International Swingers - ‘Gun Control’ (All The Cats Recordings)


Two tracks on solid 7” black vinyl, The International Swingers will even sign a copy of this for you if you buy it from their web site.  Featuring Gary Twinn, James Stevenson, Glen Matlock and Clem Burke it’s fair to say that The International Swingers are indeed a super group and these songs on this single are well worthy of the heady reputation the individual members bring to the band.  'Gun Control' checks out a little like one of the better penned latter day Billy Idol songs whilst the B side is a sprightly live rendition of 'Out Of Control'.  Check it out kids especially if you like a slab of 7" vinyl and you want some pretty cool autographs! I believe it’s also going to be a RSD 2016 release, so expect the price of this to rise and rise!


jesse malin harcore feeling iiJesse Malin - ‘Hardcore Feeling II’ (One Little Indian)


Not to be confused with Jesse’s last 10" single release called 'Hardcore Feeling EP' this is ‘Hardcore Feeling II’.  Available on his recent jaunt round the UK and through the One Little Indian website whilst stock lasts.  On the B side of this 10” we have 'Stay Clean' with a funky phat bass line and some equally funky keys driving it along before the electric guitars join in.  It’s classic Jesse Malin I guess, because his B sides are always worth checking out. The same can also be said for the third track on offer 'Devil In The Blue Dress' which has a passing resemblance to something Nick Cave might have done around the murder ballads period.  Pressed on 10" primarily for the UK tour you will have to be pretty quick to pick up this bad boy before they are all gone.  I'm lead to believe this run might be as small as 100!


Hard ActionHard Action - ‘Hand Dripping Blood’ (Bootleg Booze Records)


Hailing from Finland, Bootleg Booze have brand new limited edition single on their roster and anyone still in love with sleazy howling electric guitars needs to grab a piece of Hard Action before they all go. Think MC5, primetime Hellacopters, you starting to get the drift folks? That’s where these cats are hitching their wagons and there’s also a healthy tip of the hat to the likes of Gluecifer for sure.  Jump right on it folks via the link tagged above!



Dead On The WireDead On The Wire - ‘Lonely Hearts’ (No Front Teeth)


It’s a no brainer isn't it?  Punk rock from Bandcamp for only $6, but here's the deal clincher - its only digital at the moment it will get the full No Front Teeth treatment in several months down the line - (So why you reviewing it now?)  Well I hear you but as you know we like to give you the heads up at Uber Rock and by prepping you on this one you have no excuses when No Front Teeth put it out.  Oh by the way they've just released this Californian band’s first single over here in the UK so you can pick up a copy of that bad boy as well.  Anyway what do they sound like?  Well, Dead On The Wire have catchy punk rock songs that have a bit of the old school for sure but they also have that California melodic edge.  I think the gang vocals on the choruses reminded me of someone like the Harrington Saints. Let’s be honest here you get six songs of quality for $6 which in anyone's book is a bargain so what are you waiting for?


toiletboyssingleToilet Boys Feat Boy George - ‘The Last Breath Of The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Love Affair’ (Cargo Records)


Out on 10" vinyl here in the UK this Record Store Day and already out on iTunes the lead track features none other than Boy George, yup he of the Culture Club fame.  Not such a stretch if you know your Toilet Boys as the pair have worked together before on 'Pretty Boys'.  So what’s it like I hear you all scream - well it’s like the Toilet Boys innit.  Big riffs and sultry vocals with a damn cool glittery stomp beat.  It would be cool to have some UK dates please Miss Guy and who knows maybe a brand new full length record to go with it.  This bad boy is backed by two other tracks 'Thunder & Lightning' and the slow dance of 'Born To Be Bad'.  Catch a copy if you can on April 16th but you’ll need to be quick as there’s only 500 of these worldwide. (Dom Daley)


HFTEHomes For The Elite - ‘Havitol’ (Wipe Out Music)


Featuring ex-Devilish Presley people John Henry and Jacqui V, alongside Zak Dorne and Danny Monk, Homes For The Elite release their debut single, ‘Havitol’. A dark, acerbic slice of social commentary, more overtly politicised than their previous band, but combined to a repetitive, hypnotic riff that you could just as easily dance to. The self-proclaimed “East London, conspiracy/dread/laptop punk band” are a natural reaction to the current government, outing all those who voted to cut disability benefits by £30 a week. With extra tracks ‘Debunked’ and ‘Ministry Of Death’, it’s fair to call this modern protest music with teeth and tunes. Catch the ‘Havitol’ video on YouTube now to whet your appetite for their autumn album and tour. Check the band’s Facebook page for release/download details.  


GlitterballLast Great Dreamers - ‘Glitterball Apocalypse’ (Ray Records)


Last Great Dreamers release ‘Glitterball Apocalypse’, the second single from their upcoming album on PledgeMusic. A slower pace than first single ‘Dope School’, it features a glam-tinged melody against a reflective, melancholy lyric, mourning some of rock n roll’s casualties. A tune somewhere between Hanoi Rocks and Mott The Hoople, a neat chorus hook, if these guys float your boat I suggest you follow them on Facebook and check their current PledgeMusic campaign for regular updates. This single will be released on April 15th to coincide with the band’s UK tour with Tigertailz. (Martin Haslam)


LaflammeLaflamme - Broken Hearted Sons (Go Loud Records)


Credit where it is due, this three release from Surrey based rockers Laflamme is raising funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy UK, so as such I’m bound to say “go out and buy this” as you’d have to be one cold hearted son not to (see what I did there? Ha!) It also helps that the three songs committed to this release are pretty damn decent too. Lead track ‘Broken Hearted Sons’ has a kind of Ian Curtis/Pete Burns fronting early Southern Death Cult feel to it, and would have been an instant call to chicken dance back in the days of the Batcave. 'Breaking In' is up next and this track bristles with Britpop attitude, the vocals here reminding me very much of an angry Paul Weller. Closing the release is 'Liar', a straight up rocker that kind of apes '(I’m Not Your) Steppin Stone' in its structure, this one also contains some very decent guitar work from Richie and Kieron. This single is released on 15th April so make sure check out the band’s Facebook page for regular updates, you can also preorder a copy direct from the label at!store/lw6r1


Desert StormDesert Storm / Suns Of Thunder - Split 7” (H42 Records)


Released on April 29th on German label H42 Records. This split 7” from Oxford’s Desert Storm and Swansea’s Suns Of Thunder is actually part of a special duo of Desertfest releated releases. This one celebrating Desertfest Berlin whilst the Monster Magnet / Raging Speedhorn 7” is in honour of Desertfest London. The split features a brand new song by Desert Storm, ‘Signals From Beyond’ that dispatches a huge blues driven guitar riff, a part growled vocal ala Neil Fallon and a head-smashing free flowing vibe that should see many German heads nodding come the end of April. Sons Of Thunder meanwhile offer up 'Earn Your Stripes', another megalithic chunk of solid hard rock. This one slightly shades it for me, simply because whilst like Desert Storm they have a huge Clutch influence coursing through their sound they sound enough like themselves to perhaps take things to a higher plane, and no I’m not just talking about the drugs here Doug!. Head over to H42 Records to pick up one of four coloured vinyl versions. But be quick as there are only 350 being pressed. (Johnny H)


See you next time folks for another meeting of The Uber Rock Singles Club.