The Uber Rock Radio Show: Episode 6(66) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 23 February 2013 04:00



Forget UR Radio, this was Pirate Radio as a mutiny threatened to tarnish the good name of The Uber Rock Radio Show.


Yes, Rob Watkins, head and appendage swollen by kind comments about his Watkins's Tune section of the show, tried his hardest to get the UR Elders, Johnny H et moi, Gaz E, locked out of the BRfm studios so he could have his wicked ways with ears by way of awful melodic rock nonsense, happily given a new name over the course of the show's two hours.


The walls of his dream radio station soon came tumbling down as the proper stars of the show started breaking the chains that were keeping them out of the studio, Watkins's melodic rock balls soon to the wall, his Brighton Rock Y-fronts exposed to the four winds of Brynmawr.


All your favourites are here - the A-Z of Uber Rock, the Manowar Minute, the Saxon Six Seconds, the Loverboy 'Leven Seconds, Kokk Rokk O'Klokk - and kept company by some of the finest glunk rock, power pop and cold metal known to humanity. Oh yeah, and 'Duma' by Tredegar.


Click the Black Banner below to stream or download Hour One of Episode Six of The Uber Rock Radio Show, the Red Banner for Hour Two. As a bonus, click on my KISS pants (please be aware that it is very cold in Brynmawr) for my second stint on BRfm's Movie Show where I rock it up in fine style (warning: may contain Winger!)