The Uber Rock Radio Show: Episode 4 Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 02 February 2013 02:00



He warned us all, didn't he? We can't really complain.


Yet, when London's Nadir D'Priest told us that there was gonna be a Russian Winter, we never thought it would happen just as we were setting off for Episode 4 of The Uber Rock Radio Show - there really was no hope...


Upset as we were, we trunked up the glunk and expected a two week wait until we could unleash it once more. But wait, an 11th hour plea from the wanton glunk lovers at BRfm meant that we got to do the show this past Wednesday, the plan just one week out of date rather than two!


A suitably ludicrous show it was too, with Uber Rock's most sensitive soul Rob Watkins thrown in from the start alongside the Gift Horse (literally) Johnny H, and my good self. Seemed to work - only one way to find out, peeps!


Great music was played - new stuff from the likes of Ginger Wildheart, The Loyalties, Crashdiet, Wounds, etc - alongside timeless UK and Canadian power pop and Scandinavian glunk! All the favourites made an appearance too; the Manowar Minute was as rubbish as you expect, the Saxon Six Seconds possibly more impressive than ever. When the big hand (and hair) hit Kokk Rokk O'Klokk we went as hard as a rock...and you could too with a couple of clicks of you mouse. And don't forget the now seminal Watkins's Tune, detailing the woes of an inept would-be stuntman....


Wanna know what Johnny H was wearing on May 21st 1981? Why Crashdiet hold a special place in Gaz E's heart? What Michael Monroe's favourite pet is? What colour would Michael Jackson's ghost be? Then click on the banners below - the Red one takes you to the first hour of Episode 4 of The Uber Rock Radio Show at, the Black one the second hour. Enjoy!






As a bonus, click on the photograph of my good self enjoying a delicious beverage from a galaxy far, far away and listen to me guest hosting The Movie Show - it's an hour of cool tunes from cult flicks that asks, "Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?"