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Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:45

dropdeaduseMVD Visual have had the good grace to release a seemingly lost trashy celluloid tale of rock 'n' roll excess from 1996 on a region free disc and, while the promotion centres around the two iconic music-related stars of the film - namely Adam Ant and Deborah Harry - Über Röckers will be interested in the presence of Warrior Soul main man Kory Clarke who is all over this flick like a dirty rash.


'Drop Dead Rock' centres around a hopeless rock band called Hindenburg who just can't seem to get a break. While their best song happens to be 'The Drug' by Warrior Soul, for the sake of storytelling that song is passed off as trash!


Their last chance of success is to get their hero, the legendary British rock star Spazz-O, to listen to, and ultimately, produce their music. Whilst watching Spazz-O's seminal 'Inseminator' music video - complete with ejaculating guitar and backing band consisting of Danny X-Factor, Kory Clarke and Pete McClanahan - Hindenburg hatch a plan to kidnap their hero, hilariously played by Ian Maynard.


Spazz-O's manager Dave Donovan - played pretty decently by a still-cool looking Adam Ant - is screwing his client's buxom wife Holly Everest (former Playboy lingerie model Chelsey Parks - yes, there are gratuitous nude shots!) and has hired an albino hitman (!) to off the fading rock star. Pretty much untroubled when the members of Hindenburg succeed with their kidnapping plan, Donovan soon gets interested when the hard-edged record company executive Thor Sturmundrang - played with cheesy gusto by Deborah Harry; sample dialogue, "I'd rather be eaten out by a cannibal" - offers Spazz-O a huge new record deal. He has to find where his drug-addled client is being held in order to return him in time to reap the rewards of the record label's lucrative contract. And avoid the hitman, of course!


Hindenburg have become national anti-heroes due to their star-napping and, in masked form, are celebrating having the number one music video in the country. With their hero tied to a chair in the garage and their new found fame, the guys and gal should be ecstatic....but the realisation that Spazz-O is completely jaded with music and simply in the business for drugs is a massivedropdeadpromo kick in the guts. When the fucked-up rocker briefly escapes, gulping down all the drugs in the bathroom cupboard including birth control pills, the band realise that they should be helping their hero, not asking for his help. If all that sounds almost serious then please take into account that all of the above is done with cartoon sound effects and a soundtrack consisting of Space Age Playboys, The Stoned, Bracket and L.E.S Stitches among others. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the terrorist threat posed by the Moldinian Front yet, have I?! Or the faux documentary appearances by Joey Ramone, Slayer, Def Leppard's Rick Allen, Prong's Tommy Victor and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick!!


Director Adam Dubin - whose credits include the classic 'Nothing Else Matters' and '(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)' music videos by Metallica and The Beastie Boys respectively - fashioned a hilariously low budget attack on the music business with 'Drop Dead Rock' and, while those suckers who have fallen hook, line and upgrade-to-large-popcorn for 'Avatar' might balk at the production values on offer here, the cool kids will find plenty wrapped up in these 93 fun-filled minutes to maybe afford this movie the cult status that it so obviously deserves. The tabloids would label the film perfect post-pub entertainment but I'm not as clichéd as those fuckers; if you have an ounce of humour and musical knowledge in your body then you will get a kick out of 'Drop Dead Rock.'


The bonus features ain't too shabby either; there's a none-too-serious 'Making Of' featurette that is great fun and the 'Vegas Honeymoon' music video by The Stoned, featuring that man Kory Clarke on drums. I told you he was all over this movie and it doesn't stop there as we get the full video for Spazz-O's classic 'Inseminator' tune which is, in fact, performed by Warrior Soul with special guest guitar provided by Marco Pirroni. Shit, how many cool musicians have I mentioned during this article? That should be enough to get the average Über Röck Söldier checking this movie out. Cheap, trashy fun.