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Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 12 January 2013 02:00

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It all started with an off-the-cuff remark in a phone call.


"You oughta tell that bloke from BRfm that they should have an Uber Rock show on their station."


One day and one email later and I was a DJ. So was Johnny H. Who was on holiday.....and had no idea any of the above was happening.

"Like Vic and Bob do a rock show," was how I pitched my idea for a glunk rock spectacular like no other. One meeting at BRfm HQ later and The Uber Rock Radio Show was a a manner of speaking.


Who is Reeves and who is Mortimer is subject to debate, but another local rock icon was deemed necessary to the creation of radio rock history. Up stepped Rob Watkins, the ear at the other end of the phone line on that fateful day when a silly suggestion became a major force in the history of radio. Yes, it's his fault. Blame him.


A playlist for Episode One of the radio show was fashioned by former members of hair metal bands now working in the boiler rooms at URHQ, cleaning up our shit and still bad mouthing Kurt Cobain. A slew of ridiculous stings were recorded in the techno-cave where Uber Rock's Russ P makes robots and time machines and stuff. A theme tune was also recorded; one of the gifted vocalists present basically nailed it in one take, the other took around 35 takes. He was wearing a Def Leppard shirt at the time. Kinda said it all.


On November 28th, 2012 the planets aligned, a plague of locusts hung over the River Ebbw waiting to attack, moss grew on a south facing wall.....all because The Uber Rock Radio Show made its debut.


Broadcast live on 97.3fm to a bazillion clued-in mofos, Team UR nailed it - no swearing, no major mistakes, just two hours of cooler than thou tunes and stupider than thou banter. Promising not to bore with rock standards, but to floor with rock 'n' roll hurting bombs, The Uber Rock Radio Show was alive!


D Generation, Dirt Box Disco, Turbonegro, The Chelsea Smiles, Sorry & the Sinatras, The Art, Warrior Soul, Prima Donna, Exit International, Gene The Werewolf, Amen, Argy Bargy, Gallows, The Loyalties and The Dwarves all featured in the show, as did the likes of Stryper, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Styx in features destined to become notoriously addictive.....ish.


.....and then there was the rubbish Manowar Minute and the immense Saxon Six Seconds. If you didn't listen then you wouldn't understand...


The debut show was so eargasmic that the listen again podcast refused to work properly : yes, Uber Rock had broken the internet.

Episode Two followed a fortnight later, this show opening with Flash Bastard and never looking back: Tsar, Gunfire Dance, Diemonds, Biters, Span, Smash Fashion, The Howling, Backyard Babies, The Black Halos, Baby Godzilla, The Heart Attacks, Blood Command and Soulwax all featured, Madam X teezing it up in the now-infamous Kokk Rokk O'Klokk section of the show, godawful Christian metallers Holy Right mending broken hearts in the soon-to-be-classic Watkins's Tune, Stryper once again closing the show. A show so awesome, so sensual, that, once again, the internet couldn't take it - the podcasts refused to let the world listen again to the coolest thing on Planet Earth. Yes, it wanted the glunk, the giggles and the glory all for itself...


That's why you've never seen an article on The Uber Rock Radio Show prior to this. Guess what? The listen again podcasts for Episode Three of the show work! You can listen to it by clicking on the links at the bottom of this piece! Cool Beans!


We had promised that the first show of 2013 would be dedicated to the Uber Rock Album of the Year 2012 list, and we didn't disappoint. A host of cool album from the uber rundown had songs featured on the radio show......but fear not regular listeners, the favourites were all present and correct too, including the most upsetting episode of Watkins's Tune yet. Be prepared to hear grown men cry (with laughter).

The Uber Rock Radio Show is broadcast live every other Wednesday: Episode Four will put the glunk back in your trunk on January 23rd from 7pm to 9pm. Find BRfm on 97.3fm, or online at


But that's the future - step back into the near-past with Episode 3 by clicking on the icons below. The first will take you to the first hour of the show, the second banner - guess what? - the second hour!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.....The Uber Rock Radio Show...