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Written by Jo Hayes   
Sunday, 13 January 2013 03:00

Go away bieber


Happy f'in new year Uber Rockers. Say no to new year's resolutions that you won't keep, or let's face it, if you do manage to win a battle of wills (which may only work if you have a split personality), you will be miserable!


After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back with your first dose of blogging nonsense for 2013. The theme for this one? General ramblings (which admittedly doesn't sound like I've prepared, but I like to think that I make some shred of sense in the end).


Well, 2013 is here, the Mayans were proven wrong, and we've all survived Christmas and New Year's Eve. After eating copious amounts of cheese, and drinking a sickening amount of Cider and Whiskey, it feels like a bit of an anti-climax.


Everyone makes too much of the new year, expecting life to change instantly and dramatically, with drunken Facebook statuses such as: “There's no going backwards, only forwards!” (well, you'd hope so, is there any other way?)


So, rather than making any ill-fated resolutions (being an indecisive individual, this would be setting myself up for instant failure), I've been thinking of things I have to look forward to this year. I'll write about the music related stuff of course.


In reference to my blog about the trials and tribulations of forming a band, I managed to find some like-minded individuals to have a jam with, and found a rarity on the rock scene – a good drummer which isn't in a band. Usually the good drummers in town are in about eight different bands, spreading themselves thin. The shock.


We covered 'Bullet' by The Misfits and 'Somebody Put Something In My Drink' by the Ramones, funnily enough the latter was harder to play (in terms of getting the structure right though, I can remember four chords!). Finally getting a band together, after four years, is one thing ticked off my mental list, and something to hopefully look forward to.


crap band names-sounds

Band names are not my strong point though, having named one band 'Ass Rockits', after being inspired by a Turbonegro stage prop, and the other 'Moral Threat', which I was accused of nicking it from 'Minor Threat'.


For the purpose of “research” for this blog, I thought I'd try a punk band name generator for a laugh. 'Terminal Chord' and 'Shit Slicer' are my favourites, not to name a band, just funny yet crap band names. Maybe I'm not as bad as an band name generator after all...


On another note, I'm dreading the day Gaz sends me some Prog to review, but hell, if I can review Stoner Doom Metal and Christian Punk-Pop, bring it on! Maybe I'll regret saying that now, and get Christian Stoner Prog-Metal-Punk...if such a thing were to exist, I'd dig out my rusty screwdriver  (my ears cower in fear again).


I can bet the one album due to be released we'd all fight over is the new Loyalties album, the best possible 'Glunk' (?) I expect to hear in 2013. 'So Much For Soho' is a hard one to beat, but seeing as I've played that to death, I could do with a new fix.


Plus Buckcherry are releasing 'Confessions' which, before hearing 'Gluttony' at The Electric Ballroom last month, I was expecting an album of ballads and acoustic guitars. Their new album should show that they're back on form now, well, I hope so.  


I was surprised at how good Buckcherry were live, so hopefully with a new album, means another tour, although the ultimate tour would be them just playing their debut in its entirety (with Backyard Babies on the bill playing nothing but 'Total 13').


Anyway, Happy 2013, let's hope this year doesn't disappoint on the rock 'n' roll front, and if it does, it'll give us a few ranting reviews to write. (I know it will disappoint on the general so-called 'music' front, with the likes of Justin Bieber and Girls Aloud still around...ugh.)


Bye for now,




Blog motivation provided by: Cynicism, alcohol and RAFR


Band of the month: Young Heart Attack (Their 6 track EP from '03)


Pet hate of the month: Another “reality” show with apparent celebrities, you can probably guess...