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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 08 January 2010 17:41

CreedLadies and Gentlemen please put your hands together and welcome live on stage multi platinum American rock 'n' rollers, Creed. 


If, like me, you couldn't experience this fantastic band live in the US recently, here's the next best thing; a live DVD recorded at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, Texas in September 2009.


With their new highly polished new album 'Full Circle' under their belts, Creed are definitely back in the saddle. With the American tour captured here for posterity finishing up in October of last year and the possibility of more US and European shows to follow this coming spring and summer, who knows what's next for the band?


Well, let's start with the here and now with this quite spectacular looking live DVD shall we. Of course every larger than life rock act in the modern world must accompany their album, and their tour of the album, with a live release of some sort. But never has it looked quite this good.


Filmed on 239 High Definition cameras, when the lights go down and the masses scream as if their lives depended on it, the green lights that join the guitar riffed intro are so sharp I have to wonder if someone has overnight upgraded my TV for the latest state of the art model without fucking telling me (which incidentally would be nice if anyone fancies doing that). But then there's the music, Scott Stapp's vocals sidle in, and Scott Phillips's drums pulse, before its full lights up and into opener 'Bullets' the lead track from the band's 2001 hit opus 'Weathered.'


"Please allow to us to re-introduce ourselves" are the pertinent words uttered before new track 'Overcome' oozes total class all over the screen via some neat camera angles; I know I've said it already but this certainly is a well shot film, that has already been awarded four Guinness Book of World Records.


Creed's illustrious career is covered in its entirety within this smoldering seventeen track live offering. From their 1997 debut album title track 'My Own Prison' with the stage show comprising of video screens, runways and flames, through 'Say I' and 'Never Die' from 1999's  'Human Clay' to 2009's 'A Thousand Faces', the whole musical jigsaw fits perfectly together.


With the rest of the set list reading like 2004's 'Greatest Hits' release from the band, 'What If', 'Are You Ready?' and 'What's This Life For' add magic and intrigue to make this is something of an enthralling live masterpiece. But it is 'With Arms Wide Open', the band's massive billboard hot 100 Number One hit (that even the Uber Rock Soldiers must recall), that really takes the band to the next level as they absorb the moment, as do the entire Houston crowd.


Another huge hit 'My Sacrifice' closes the set, and what an accomplished song to finish with, as the band like conquering gladiators leave the arena amid the claps and auditorium chants. 'One' kick-starts the encores, followed quickly by 'One Last Breath' before another chart hit, 'Higher', brings the show to a close. I guess we can safely say "Houston" definitely doesn't have a problem tonight.


Also on this DVD, Check out the 45-minute documentary containing backstage footage, interviews etc, and the promo video for 'Overcome', making it a quality live package the likes of which you will never see in such high quality again....


 "Ladies And Gentemen...(drum roll) Thank you and Good Night".