HELLO GOODBYE: SpeedTheory return for farewell show Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson   
Friday, 19 January 2018 11:02

SpeedthoryThe UK music scene might be enjoying an enormous boom right now, with bands up and down the country heralding a whole new era of heaviness. A decade ago that most certainly not the case; Bullet For My Valentine had already shown signs of shaky footing with the uneven ‘Scream, Aim’, Fire, Evile had just kick-started a new wave of renewed interest in thrash and Bring Me The Horizon were still dismissed as pretenders on the scene (nice to see that some things don’t change).


Instead, the metal scene pinned its hopes on a limited pool of regional metal bands, and the West Midlands new great hope were Wolverhampton’s SpeedTheory. Winners of ‘Demo of the Month’ in Metal Hammer (later ‘Demo of the Year’), SpeedTheory played alongside some of the most notable acts in the scene at the time (3 Inches of Blood, Panic Cell, Ill Nino – the memories flood back!) and quickly earned a reputation for electric live shows.


Short lived as they were, the band were a tour de force to behold and an exciting sign of things to come as the metal scene diversified and expanded its reach. (They were also, it bares worth mentioning, the reason that this Über Rocker approached Johnny H to join the site as a writer).


On November 24, the band will return for a one-off comeback show in Wolverhampton. Expect sore necks and bruised arms for all in attendance. Über Rock spoke to the band to get the lowdown on why they have chosen to make a one-off comeback show…


“A crazed fan took our dogs hostage and said they would only let them go free if we play one more show...



“In all seriousness it’s something we’ve talked about and looked at doing a few times since we faded away in 2010, as we never really even said we were splitting up, never mind having a ‘farewell show’, but until now the timing has never managed to work out for all of us. This time, it did. As selfish as it may sound, we’re doing this for us. We want to go out and have fun playing the songs we always used to enjoy playing. It’s not a reunion or a comeback; it’s just a one off farewell to everything that SpeedTheory meant to us and to everyone who wants to party with us one last time.”


The show will be held at the Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton’s premier rock pub and venue. Promoter Brett Hall had this to say:


“From the 'promoter' aspect of the Giffard, it means a lot that this band (SpeedTheory) decided to do this special gig with us. The band have played multiple shows, many sold old, all over the place. Yet, they decided to come back to the Giffard; the heart of rock, metal and alternative live music, just like they did so many years previously.


For me, out of all the gigs we are putting on this year, personally, this is one of those that I am most excited about. We all went to school together, we've just hit a milestone age, so it will be good to have that reunion of friends, that we may not have seen, some in over ten years, come together for this show.


"I was having tea in Wales earlier on this week, and I was attempting to convince Alex and the guys to do a little 'sneak peak' glimpse of the show to get the buzz started. I can tell you know, the buzz is there, even from this early on in the year, and this is going to be something awesome.”


Tickets are on sale from today (19 January) and you can get yours HERE.