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Written by Matt Phelps   
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 03:20

Mystery cover 0Mystery are a youthful four piece from Australia, teenage in years. '2013' their stab at fame. Bands of youngsters sometimes come across as a bit of a gimmick, a flash in the pan to some but occasionally some are lucky enough to bridge the gap from teenage rampage to the adult orientated rock charts. Def Leppard did it, so it's possible. Thomas McRocklin however...


But in the here and now Mystery are just hitting it with their best shot and '2013' is at least an album that is enjoyable and that's the first important box ticked. It's all done in the best possible eighties taste. Dripping with excess without the faintest whiff of parody. Generally good fun with a splattering of nods to some of their idols via a few well placed lyrical lines and song titles. 'Raise Your Fist' and 'Freedom' two titles not paired together since Alice Cooper yelled his way through 1987. The former dragging some much needed cowbell and a harmonised chorus line of "We're not gonna take it" from the decade that subtlety never frequented. The latter bringing with it some fine Dokken-esque moments to savour. 'Nonstop To Nowhere' is another with an instantly recognisable title but it throws a touch of off the wall styling into the mix musically rather than just digging up secondhand dirt from the Cathouse.


Elsewhere the boys songs certainly have all the hallmarks of decadent quality. 'Test Of Time' swings its hips like a latter day lap dancer, a sunset stripper with a groove to prove it while 'Rock N Roll Forever Be' has a big hair chorus that's sure to get rock club stilettos tapping sluttishly along. Rocky Ravic's lead vocals capture the exuberant aura of the band perfectly, a little gritty, he's got life in his voice, definitely a point in Mystery's favour.


A couple of covers wrap up '2013' in style. A fabulously sped up version of 'Stand Up And Shout' from 'Holy Diver' and a meticulous march through Men at Work's 'Land Down Under'. These two fine and respectable covers cap off an album that is pretty short real terms, just seven original tracks (not counting the needless one minute intro). But with endorsements from BC Rich, Gibson and ESP it would seem plenty of people have faith in Mystery's future, or at least think they can make a bit of money off them in the present.


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