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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 06 December 2012 05:00

jetboneGetting off to a flying start Jetbone kick things off with a pacey ditty, 'Dancin' On Your Grave', which is clean sounding dirty rock 'n' roll with a decent bit of riff-a-rama going on. Having been childhood friends it seemed obvious that they would start a band together, mixing up their influences and rocking out for the likes of you and me - how very nice of them. Lucky they all had the same taste in music I'd say. 

'Baby It's Your Time' follows on and whilst not offering anything new or particularly outstanding or groundbreaking Jetbone are living the dream and this track, with a hint of Imperial State Electric going on, will do for me as they knock out a good tune played well and sounding pretty good.


Playing rock 'n' roll isn't rocket science and some bands - no, many bands - get it horribly wrong; luckily Jetbone aren't one of them.  They've taken their influences and turned in a decent bunch of songs and whilst it can be a tough road to travel Jetbone have the basic ingredients to survive and prosper: I guess they know what they like and they know how to pen some good songs and give nothing short of 100%.


'Time By Time' is pure Scandinavian Rock 'n' Roll and the use of the acoustic guitar and organ is nice and offers an alternative on this genre of rock, and mixing it up definitely adds something to a good song.  


'Dead City Fire' is pure Kiss (when they were half decent, obviously) and you have to love a cowbell, right? Whilst it has an overall feelgood vibe about it these boys can rock out like 'Ride The Riot' then contrast it with the tuneful 'Take Me Down' with its hint of Manic Street Preachers chart sensibility thrown into the mix.


An album I very much enjoyed and I'm sure I won't be alone on that score. So if you're craving for days of old when the Backyard Babies were rockin' or some Sleazy dirty good time Rock 'n' Roll is your bag then Jetbone are well worth checkin' out.


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