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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 31 December 2009 21:55

1mommyuseHorror movies and trashy rock 'n' roll - two of my greatest pleasures. So, when the Mommy Sez No album arrived boasting songs written for the movies 'Terror Overload : Tales From Satan's Truckstop', 'Klownboy : Circus Of Gore' and 'Stamgo! (Super Tromette Action Movie Go!)' and citing influences as cool as Messrs Thunders, Cooper and Dahl, the Stones, Pistols, Dolls and Dogs, I was as close as I could get to heaven.....if that place ever existed......


A terror trio so macabre that one of their members is called Evil, Mommy Sez No play "punk 'n' roll or horror rock or whatever you wanna call it" and 'Hotwaterburnbaby' is their second release since they formed in the Summer of 2007 in St. Paul, Minneapolis.


Friend of Uber Rock Ari Lehman - frontman of the band First Jason and, of course, the very first actor to portray the legendary Jason Voorhees in the 'Friday the 13th' movie franchise - provides a mixture of lead, shared and backing vocals on the tracks 'Dinner Date', 'Mongo Chupa' and 'Ghoulette' and John Kassir, the voice of the Cryptkeeper from 'Tales From The Crypt', appears to introduce the song 'Dead Things'. These cool cameos, however, only add to the ghastly appeal of this fourteen track schlock rock extravaganza. Frontman Jeff Arndt, drummer Alex Smith and the afore-mentioned four string fearmeister Evil have fashioned a corpse-white knuckle ride of an album that is rotten to its maggot-ridden core.


Lyrically ludicrous and musically murderous, 'Hotwaterburnbaby' - wrapped, incidentally, in possibly the finest cover art of 2009 - is a garage punk masterpiece, with the garage in question housing several decaying body parts. The trash 'n' roll influences cited earlier are certainly evident music-wise, but anyone hoping for lyrical tales of heartbreak are gonna be sorely disappointed - heart eating maybe - and be honest, did 2009 produce a better song title than 'Zombie Bukkake', a song written about Joe Knetter's book of the same name?


If you love Z-grade movie escapism, gutter dirty rock 'n' roll, Rue Morgue magazine and songs sung by drowned mass murderers, then this album is for you. C'mon, there has to be somebody else out there like me?!? Black heartedly recommended.