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Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 08:58

Lost_Souls_Club_coverThis five-track demo disc by The Lost Souls Club was unceremoniously thrust into my hand at this year's Hard Rock Hell festival by the band's singer Jon Tufnell. Who then went on to proudly declare that they would be my band of the weekend and they weren't even playing the festival.


Well apart from the slight feeling of déjà vu (this had already spookily happened to me the previous year with one Janne Jarvis from Hate Gallery and look what greatness they've just produced), I have to say that once again I'm pleased to announce that the blatant self-belief has certainly worked in a band's yes this is as Jon proclaimed, "fucking excellent stuff".


Lead track 'Sometimes' has echoes of the 'Dandy Warhols circa that time when they used to write great three minute drug fuelled anthems, whilst the EP's second track 'Your Children Are Safe With Us' takes that aforementioned influence and dips it in primetime coating of Duran Duran like pop sensibility.  Immediately infectious and sounding like it was recorded on a million dollar budget, if I were a major label A&R guy right now I'd sign these guys on the strength of this track alone.


The rest of the tracks that make up this demo are never quite as staggeringly infectious as 'Your Children Are Safe With Us', but each has a musical charm all of its own from glitter glam stomp to electro pomp.  The EP's closing track 'She's Her Own Worst Enemy' meanwhile shimmers along on a Sixties psychedelic organ riff that brings the whole Lost Souls experience to a fitting climax.


This four piece certainly defy musical pigeonholing and describe themselves as a gathering of deviants, delinquents and deadbeats. The Lost Souls Club maybe a musical home for the heartbroken and dreamers, but on this showing I think they'll very soon need to start booking larger venues in which to hold their meetings, as they are about to explode.


So are The Lost Souls Club the best band of my Hard Rock Hell weekend that weren't even playing the festival? Yeah....most definitely. 


The Lost Souls Club are going to be ones to watch out for in 2010, and you can hear just what I'm on about here.