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Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 20 December 2009 15:52

2tcc2009 has certainly been an interesting year for Teenage Casket Company. Reforming then finding themselves losing a bandmember couldn't have been easy, yet they haven't let that malarkey dampen their ability to pen a tune so hook-laden that one listen will leave you with more holes than a netball team.


Available as a download from iTunes and a limited edition gatefold physical CD - available in a tasty CD/T-shirt deal from here - 'Best Friend Is My Radio' opens with a cheeky nod to them dirty Sex Pistols and provides, in less than four minutes, a burst of sunshine so bright that it'll singe your eyebrows. A throbbing powerpop vein injected with a gobfull of bouncy punk rock and a spattering of sleazy cock rock pretty much sums up this most welcome comeback platter that matters.


Good to have them back? For sure. Buy the disc, download the tune, do what you have to do to support independent music and cool as fuck UK bands. Righteously recommended.