Nervous Breakdown - 'Never Green' (Yes No Wave Records) Print E-mail
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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 22:21

1nervousbreakGod, I love this kind of shit. Sometimes the music just don't matter. Sometimes it's the fact that people are just doing this kind of stuff that really matters. Having personally churned out some atrocious shit in garages and pubs of my hometown way back in the day - just because it was a great crack - listening to Nervous Breakdown really does make me get quite nostalgic.


Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Nervous Breakdown have been around in some form since 2006 but still sound really raw, peddling old school skatepunk a la Suicidal Tendencies. Fast, mad and full of youthful enthusiasm this is great fun. They even have a tendency to swap instruments as the mood takes them.


Don't take it too seriously and you'll be just fine. Unlikely to launch them to International stardom, they're still doing more than most reading this, i.e. getting up there and fucking doing it. And you've got to love them for that. Nice One.