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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 21:41

SgtRoxxOooh yeah, we know where this bad boy is going from the lovely teazed and sleazed hairdos and the song titles and, let's face it, the sleazetastic album title.


Sgt. Roxx are a band I actually have heard of and, back in the day, owned one of their albums, 'Push And Squeeze'.....but what do they sound like? Well, they ply a brand of Hollywood rock that would sit somewhere between the original LA Guns and Poison around the era of 'Flesh And Blood'. 


This nineteen track compilation pretty much spans their whole career, with some odds and sods thrown in as well. I must confess to liking tracks like '4th Time Out' and 'Psycho In The House', which has a nice 'n' dirty riff going on, and the ballad - "Oh, there's a ballad" I hear you cry; well there are a few on offer and, whilst they're well executed, it does seem as if it's just a case of going through the power ballad motions.


There is a reason why the LA Guns became a household name and why Poison play stadiums and that's down to the songs and, honestly, they were better at it than bands like Sgt. Roxx, but  that's not to say they don't deserve their moment in the sun.  


Eonian Records needs to be congratulated for flying the flag of this kind of rock and out of the four releases off this label that I have reviewed this would defiantly be the one I'd recommend to any of you sleazers out there looking for a snapshot of the contenders who might have slipped through the (hair) net back in the late 80's, early 90's.