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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 18 December 2009 14:34

drgrindspeechlessDr. Grind, eh? If Dokken had never existed, Queensryche hadn't done 'Operation Mindcrime' or Ron Keel had only ever played country music then I could see Dr. Grind carving out a piece of the action; alas the afore-mentioned did exist and, ultimately, cornered the market. 


'Call Of The Wild' has Dokken written all over it and, had I just heard the tune, I would have said it was a Dokken track. Therefore, you know exactly where these bad boys are coming from. 


Seventeen tracks of well played American metal with more than a nod towards the premier league of this genre of music. It's well played and massively produced; 'Janie', 'Follow Your Own Road' and 'Faces' kick back and show the power ballad fans a thing or two and all sound impressive - I can almost smell the hairspray and Blue Stratos wafting from the speakers as the ladies get all misty eyed as these songs build into the big 'We Are Stars' finale. Epic? You bet. I can see all the misty eyes walking down Sunset Blvd with 'Tears' blaring from the stereo of the convertible parked up on the sidewalk. 


Close your eyes and picture the video for these tracks; I can and Tawney Kitaen is in every one of them, soaking wet and looking down the lens of the soft focus camera - you know the score kids! However, Dr. Grind do win the award for best title of the week with - wait for it - 'Huge Wad'....yup, Huge fuckin' wad!!!  Awesome dudez \m/